Apocalypse How: Channeling

There seems to be a lot of stigma among people in the awakening movement regarding the concept of channeling. I have to laugh at this because in a sense we are all channeling, are we not.

We could all describe ourselves as physical human bodies channeling infinite consciousness .

And when we share with people our thoughts our feelings our ideas , they are not coming from a brain and a mouth , they are coming from consciousness, awareness, and the body is simply a vehicle to channel this data into physicality.

Some of the most resonate , inspiring , empowering  information I have come across has come from what we commonly refer to as channeling. And it doesn’t bother me one bit , because in the end its all just information , no mater what the source.

Remember whatever information or data comes your way , just listen with your heart , and feel if it resonates , that’s all there is to it. There are no rules except those you wish to impose on yourself.

Channeled information to me is no different than information coming from any other source. Why should it be , what is there to be afraid of .  Death ?   Lack of abundance ?  We live in an infinitely abundant universe , we are eternal beings.

In the end it will simply boil down to resonance , frequency , vibration . Does the information empower you , does it inspire you , dose it expand your awareness, if so,  I say go with it regardless of where it comes from.

Worrying about where it comes from , or pre-judging it based on some belief system or that is simply setting your self up for limitation.

Channeled information is not any more or less viable than non channeled information, its simply information.

A wonderful example of this is Bashar a being channeled by Daryl Anka. I love to listen to Bashar becasue his message is empowering, his message is unifying, his message resonates with unconditional love and compassion , and he’s funny !

For all I care his voice could be coming out of a rock, I don’t care , it does not  change the message!

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