Apocalypse How: The Quickening

Another definition of Apocalypse is “The Quickening” , meaning the vibration of our planet and consciousness as a whole  is increasing each day and at an exponential rate.

For those that are familiar with the Mayan Calendar and Carl Calleman’s work specifically, it is said time is speeding up with each passing moment. Or perhaps another way of describing this , since time is an illusion to begin with, is that information is being processed much faster as consciousness is speeding up vibrationally.

Many of us became aware as early as 2009  through Carl Callemn’s work that the Mayan calendar actually ends on October 28 of 2011 , not in December of 2012. So where did this 2012 date come from?  I’m not sure ,  I never really
The Mayans themselves see time as cyclical not linear so dates are rather meaningless , the evolution of consciousness is a process.

That being said even if the end of the calendar is October 28 of this year its still just another date, and I’m not big on prophecy and prediction because we as infinite consciousness are in a constant state of flux.

I am however ready with an open heart  and I surrender to all probabilities in order to allow the highest service and growth for all that is, if that means we need to have radical experiences to accelerate change as a catalyst for growth , I am all for it, what ever it takes.

As of late August 2011 I have to admit to a certain “feeling” that things are about to get interesting, I don’t know how to explain it other than it makes sense , it just resonates that now may be the time for a significant event or shift to occur.  Which is why  Carl Calleman’s date of October 2011 resonates a lot more than December of 2012.

Perhaps the whole 2012 date is just a distraction , I mean Hollywood’s multi million dollar blockbuster disaster flick seems to substantiate this , with yet more predictive programming or in this case simply distraction , so that many while focused on some future date, actually miss out on the opportunity for growth right now here in this moment.

And from an infinite consciousness or unity consciousness  perspective , which is where many of us are perceiving reality from now it makes absolutely no difference what “Happens” all that matter is what is “Happening”.

And what is “Happening” is perfection, divine in every way , it is empowering to know that universe has it covered , there is nothing we can do or should be doing other than ” Being” at peace with circumstances no matter how they appear.

This is a difficult concept to articulate but I have come across a video produced by “Awakening As One” called “The Quickening” which does an excellent job of doing just that.  This information , this movie , this video pretty much resonates on every level what I am feeling as of right now , August 2011.

I would say “The Quickening” is an excellent portrayal of where many of us are right now in our state of consciousness, which is good becasue it means we are awake,  to the point where we have become much more difficult to manipulate.

Our vibrational awareness is growing exponentially , we are much more savvy about the nature of this reality and of those that seek to control and manipulate it.

The message I got from ” The Quickening” is that you cannot change the world , you can only change yourself, the whole illusion of trying to change the world to fit your own personal perspective of what the world should be is pure folly and the reason we see so much chaos.

We need to find peace with the way the world is , and within ourselves and once we do that it will manifest itself outwardly in physicality.

And if that means that yes there will be some really powerful events coming up, that’s ok we are ready for it.

So check out this Excellent Video from Awakening As One  , called “The Quickening” !

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