Apocalypse How: The Choice

As the vibrational frequency of the planet is increasing it will have an effect on our physical bodies as well.

Since they are a direct manifestation of consciousness which is also experiencing this increase in vibrational energy ,the universe is essentially ,light ,frequency ,vibration.

I went through this in 2008 , 2009 , 2010 where I experienced a massive shift ,It was uncomfortable at times, this year it seems to be stabilizing a bit better .

Now that my body has adjusted to the new higher increasing vibrations , I have never felt better and as the frequency continues to increase , it becomes very enjoyable and feels wonderful. Creating levels of creativity and vitality never experienced before , all as it should be.

What this means basically is more energy is becoming available ,most of our lives we grew up with consciousness shifting every 20 years ,hence the generation gaps ,we are now in a place where we are shifting every 18 days.

So expect high novelty and strangeness , as well as an increase in joy or anxiety it can go either way ,the whole mass drama that is being played out from a greater perspective is about each of us choosing what we want , its all about choice , the whole purpose of this experience was for us to make a choice.

And it does effect the physical body, so be patient and make sure your life is balanced , make sure to take care of yourself , get plenty of rest , avoid stressful environments , eat healthy, but keep It minimal, try and avoid a “lot” of entertainment eating.

My new diet plan is “ do more eat less” I know it won’t make a best seller , not enough pages and plenty of exercise, yoga is excellent , the best , but any type of physical activity is beneficial. Stick with , stay with it , feel it !

You should not be doing anything just to make others happy at your own detriment that’s not going to help at all right now, however doing things that you “can do” in a loving unconditional way will be very healing.

The key is realizing that what is happening is an increase in energy , if your negative you will experienced increased negativity , if your positive , you will experienced increased positivity.

The choice is yours , so monitor your thoughts, and how you are “defining” things and try as much as possible to let go of anything that does not empower you.

If a belief or experience does not feel like empowerment, then dump it It’s just baggage you will no longer need. This frequency coming through is all about unity and love , love is the great unifier , fear is the great polarizer.

Just go deep within and remember trying to find peace , “out there” is an illusion There is no “out there” , there is only “being”.

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