Apocalypse How: X1.8 Solar Flare Makes 3 from 1283

The sun is very talkative these days can you hear the music of the spheres. The storms he sends us sound like falling rain .

I find the sun absolutely fascinating I don’t worship the sun, but if I were to worship anything , the sun would be my choice.

Sun spot 1283 just unleashed its 3rd powerful  solar flare , a very strong X1.8 beauty. we now have 3 powerful CME’s headed in our general direction.

Regardless of whether they make a direct hit or not its a tremendous amount of energy available to us and mother earth.

Father sun has spoken , what does he say?   He says its time to play !

The sun is a “being” beyond our comprehension , there is nothing else like it in our reality and yet very few people here on earth give it much thought.

The purpose of the Apocalypse Sun section of this site is to document the correlation between solar activity and human evolution.

They go hand  in hand , the sun and humans beings  are simply consciousness, playing different roles in the cosmic drama.

It will be interesting in the days ahead , as this wonderful energy bathes us in its glory and increases the vibrational frequency  of the earth and its inhabitants. Some will rejoice others will not resonate so well with it .

A blinding light will shine on all things corrupt and diseased and perhaps more healing can take place.

So go deep within and find the peace that resides in each of us and listen to the sun , listen to its sounds of gentle rain and imagine each drop is cleansing you and freeing you from all the dogma and fear that we have all been indoctrinated with.

And let it carry you along the evolutionary trail , thank you father sun.

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