Apocalypse How: Black Friday Attack of the Zombie Shoppers!

The reports are in and they are saying it was a record weekend in sales for all the big retail outlets. Only a few casualties this time on Black Friday, interesting name “they” have given it.

While shoppers stampede and trample other human beings , one man actually died during the rush to get into the stores while others were injured and left to fend for themselves.

As an aware observer it seems to be some sort of group madness that takes over , perhaps amplified by some sort of broadcast , who knows , it all seems so bizarre , this yearly ritual of camping out and waiting in long lines to be the first to …what …buy some trinket..and save a few bucks …really.

It’s impossible for me to relate to the state of consciousness or unconsciousness perhaps, that would be so addicted to buying stuff that you would literally walk by a man dying on the ground in pursuit of bargains.

Or risk being trampled on when they open the doors in the morning on Black Friday , madly rushing in. This all appears to me like massive mind control , there is no other explanation, especially when most are people are so broke and can’t even afford to pay their mortgage or put food on the table…it’s pure insanity.

It’s another demonstration of how many people are still completely asleep, sleep walkers , blindly moving through life in pursuit of stuff , trinkets , toys to amuse themselves , bread and circuses all over again.

Its all quite a spectacle to watch , as an aware observer , it seems to be getting worse, which makes sense , more energy from the sun will only amplify what ever behavior is there, the energy makes no distinction between good or bad.

Good and bad are polarized ideas , it simply is, and it’s simply a choice for individual to decide what to do with this gift, this increase in vibration and energy.

My personal decision is not to squander it. To let it lift me , expand me , to be more of what and who I really am , to let it pulse through my heart , and explode with compassion , understanding , forgiveness, and empathy lots of empathy for anyone and everyone in my life and the collective.

So if people want to camp outside of stores to buy things , by all means go for it , if that’s their highest joy, hopefully at some point they will realize they are being manipulated.

Below is a quick video of the madness that takes over these “Zombie shoppers”.

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