Apocalypse How: Economic Collapse

In late 2008 I became aware of a concept that I had previously not given any thought to. Economic Collapse !

Sure we struggled while growing up to make ends meet,but by 2006 , 2007 we were riding high on an Economy that had seen unprecedented growth for almost 10 years.

At first I thought to myself , well I had worked hard , put some aside for a rainy day , I can weather this storm even if it takes a couple years to sort out.

I thought once the system just collapses like they keep saying it will , we can get back to reality and turn this thing around. By mid 2009 between swine flu madness and record foreclosures things just continued downward.

2010 rolled around and it started to become evident that things we getting seriously strange as we watched oil pump into the Gulf of Mexico with no seeming end in site, as oil prices rose , income declined even further.

As, we say goodby to 2011 , it has become crystal clear that economic life for 99% of us may not be the same , prosperity may have left the track along with the rest of this slow motion train wreck we call the global economy.

So Where is this Economic “Collapse” we have all been dreaming of, where we all just start over and all debts are wiped away and we begin to build a new future, help each other start over to create a new economic future.

Ok so that was my Economic Collapse Fantasy, Now I’m not even certain it will happen within my lifetime at the rate we are going.

We are bombarded daily with  Collapse mania from the likes of  Michael Ruppert , Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Peter Schiff, Max Keiser , and the list goes on of well educated, enlightened and wide awake individuals who swear  collapse is only moments away.

Yet here we are , going on 4 years since the initial staged Bankster debacle , and  none of  us 99%’s are getting any richer, in fact most of us are loosing our shirts or have already lost it all, at least from a purely monetary perspective.

And each week we hear about the European Debt crisis as if its any better here in the USA, each week we are saved from Collapse and each week we return to the brink of collapse, the market goes up and down , day traders and bankers are making a fortune while the rest of us stare  into the headlights, it’s getting beyond stupid.

It’s becoming clearer each day that we may never  have a “Collapse” , it looks like we may simply be the proverbial frogs in the slowly boiling water , waking up , just in time, to find out we are the main course.

So all of these guys out there making predictions that this fall or this winter or this spring , the system will Collapse , probably need to take a chill pill.

No one really knows what s going to  happen , for that matter  it’s highly probable that there is no one really even in charge , at least they way we think.

Perhaps its all just a big cluster F*** and nothing is written in stone yet. So don’t get off the ride yet , yes there is a lot of negativity in this little experiment we got going here, but there is also a tremendous amount of love.

And after all from a much greater perspective, all of the negativity is within love, negativity is allowed to be becasue we are so loved , surrounded by such abundance  that we can choose to have an experience where things can get dicey.

Welcome to the show , but hey at least we are awake to see the Collapse , if it ever does come in our lifetime.

Gotta love Charlie , in the video below he makes his weekly cry of Collapse around the corner , we all watch him becasue at some level we know we know we might be the next person to go bankrupt, or foreclosed on.

So we quietly hope that something will change. Well don’t hold your breath , remember , there is no out there the only change that can ever really occur is within each of us , the rest is just distraction , entertainment.

Enjoy the ride!

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