Apocalypse How: Circumstances Don’t Matter

Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters.

All we can really change is our state of being. As we move into 2013 and the increasing vibrational energy that we are traveling through , lets remember this mantra.

Circumstance don’t matter, only state of being matters. It is becoming more and more important to simply allow yourself to live in the moment , without hesitation to act in synchronicity with universe.

Having no expectation about the outcome of your actions, simply know that universe, higher self , all that is , knows exactly what you want and what you need.

We no longer need to fear lack of anything, we are ,all that is, and ever will be. There is nothing to accomplish, we have made the journey and found our way , as long as we know that circumstances don’t matter.

None of us really “knows” what will happen in 2013, or tomorrow for that matter, and that’s good, that’s the challenge.

We can trust in higher self to see from the mountain top the best path for each of us on our infinite journey home to source.

We are not separate beings,that is an illusion we experience when we play the part of Being-Human , in what we call physicality.

As we look around the world today , we see economic collapse, banksters waging war,all of these circumstances we have no control over.

Most of us , the 99%ers, are struggling to make a living, buried under economic hardship, loosing homes, not knowing what to do,or how to change our circumstances.

That’s why I keep telling myself, that Circumstances Don’t “Matter” , Only State of Being “Matters”. Only state of being, or consciousness can create “Matter”

Matter “is” subject to Consciousness. Consciousness “is not” subject to matter.

So lets allow universe to work through us , and help mother earth to counterbalance the negativity that is also highly charged right now, as we make our journey through the cosmos.

Allow yourself to shift quickly and easily into alignment with higher self , to a version of reality where fear has no place, no purpose, let the old paradigms crumbles. The Apocalypse is here, and its a good thing !

This is something Bashar Says quite often, this is probably one of the most important lessons we are re- membering.

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