Apocalypse How: Unconditional Joy

When we learn how to do more with less, we will then be able to do less and get more. This an incredibly powerful yet simple way to create abundance in our lives.

Of course we also need to re-define our definition of abundance. Abundance:”The ability to get what you need when you need it”.

Most of us on planet earth define abundance by how much “Money” we have. And yes, money is “one” form of abundance.

However ,if it is our “only ” definition of abundance then we are severely limiting the ability of universe to bring us other types of abundance that are equally valid and important.

Like health, Love , Peace, Joy, Happiness, all of which create a state of being, where we, as universe, will be more capable in creating the types of abundance , Like money , and material things that we also need to survive in physicality.

In other words , form that state of being, money will simply become a by product of living your highest joy.

Unconditional Joy is a way of living, a way of saying , to yourself , that there are no conditions for you to feel joy in your life on a daily basis.

Remember we are infinite beings living in an infinitely abundant universe, poverty is truly a state of “The Mind” from a greater perspective.

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