Apocalypse How: Structure Of Existence

The Nature of Nature is what its all about , as we awaken from our slumber we realize  the dream within the dream.

The Apocalypse is about putting together the pieces,  looking at the big  picture, understanding  the Structure of existence.

If we simply follow the data where it takes us, If we  listen to the voices that resonate with us,  in our eternal journey , “Within” all that is, there should be no fear of being right or wrong, whether its good or bad “information” ,  it is simply information.

The information or data is not what “I am” . “I am” not subject to the information , the information is subject to me ,I am a fractal of all that is, everything is within “all that is” , so naturally everything is within me.

This is one of the key aspects to the awakening , perhaps the most important ,  becasue,  when you realize,  that you , we , us, are at the very center of our own individual universes , you truly start to grasp the infinite nature of Existence, of creation.

It sounds a bit egotistical , but in fact it is the exact opposite , becasue  you “know”  ego is just a construct,  a personality, that we created , that we use to experience creation.

More and more each day we can see this concept of who and what we are permeate art, science, movies , even television Programs, it’s all about , parallel realities, and infinite versions of ourselves , earth and the universe for that matter.

We are slowly coming to the conclusion that our concepts of person hood , identity, personality are not what we think they are , and that’s just fine , it adds to the adventure.

There is a blueprint however , of how all of the cosmos is structured , and it is fractal and holographic in nature , as one would expect , there is no separation , we are all connected , universe is a self organizing, self learning feed back loop.

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