Economy: Do More With Less

Do More With Less, this is the new Mantra as we move forward in our awakening. If we can learn to do More With Less, then we can “Do Less and Get More”.

Many of us have had to downsize over the last few years because of  the financial losses we have taken during this slow train wreck known as the “Global Economic Crisis”.

Which is just another name for the Bust Boom cycles that seems to be baked into the Economic paradigm here on our little planet by the powers that be, whoever they may be, we all have some ideas about that.

However nature does seem to be cyclical so we can’t really blame the “Banksters”  for ever and from a greater perspective they are just playing their part in this cosmic drama , the soap opera.

So what now, we know that the “Infinite Growth Paradigm”, won’t work when using “Finite Resources”.  At least that’s what we have been told,   that our resources are Finite , yes I’m talking about oil mostly. This is an oil based economy we are in.

So what can we as individuals do, in this current state of affairs,  where we find our “State Of Being” our awareness, our expansion of consciousness growing exponentially and yet at the same time we are experiencing a shift in our economic situation.

A shift that many will agree is making it more difficult to make any head way , these days its mostly just trying to stay afloat , surviving seems to be the “New Thriving”.

Well this is where,  in my opinion, living from the heart becomes vital in navigating this Economic Apocalypse. This Economic unveiling , where we start to see that the current system is not only corrupted , infected , but completely unsustainable.

And as the old systems die , new ones will be born, what they are,  I have no idea at this point, but I have absolute confidence that we exist in an infinitely  abundant universe, we will figure it out.

And part of figuring it out means learning how to Do More With less !  So take a look at your life and ask yourself , what do you “Really Need” and what is just stuff you are collecting.

How much of you life is “spent” in the acquisition of wealth just so your “ego” can feel that it is keeping pace with the human race ,  keeping up with the Jone’s so to speak.

And is this “Race” your highest joy , does it empower you , do you feel fulfilled knowing you have accumulated , paper , metals , cars  houses, things.  For most of us material things and their novelty wear of rather rapidly , like the smell of a new car.

No matter where you are in the world right now , if your like many of us , the day dream seems to be over , we have awakened from our slumber and we are looking around and asking ourselves, what in the hell are we doing.

So Doing More with Less is more than just a mantra, its a way of life, its a way of approaching life in physicality , with more appreciation, more love , more humility , more empathy, more understanding.

Its about enjoying the simple things , the eternal things, that are beyond acquisition of material wealth. Its about learning ways in which we can find excitement without spending , or buying something.

How can we take what we have and make it last longer, how can we become more self sufficient, more sustainable , individually and collectively, regardless of what is happening “Out in the world”.

A world that is fighting itself for finite resources , all while zero point energy exists in the hands of those who don’t want to share it, who actively suppress it so that they can maintain their illusion of control .

Thankfully, universe is self  organizing , it will work all of this out , we will work all of this out, but in the mean time , lets take this economic adversity and use it to teach us, to make us better, to hone our skill sets, this why we are here , this is what we came here for, not to collect stuff.

Don’t sit around and envy the Rich , don’t get caught up in the Class Warfare, that’s just another divide and conquer scheme, we are better than that, stronger than that, smarter than that , we are infinite consciousness !

Let this be our finest hour, and learn how to “Do More With Less”, and we will be a living template for others to follow , showing them that we are infinitely abundant in every way. Lets be the Vibration that we want perceive.

And in doing so , we will be able to do “Less”  and becasue it will so highly charged , so resonate,  with being,  in the moment , direct form source that it will manifest so “Much More” than we could have ever imagined ! I would call that call that “Freedom” !

In the video below Graham Hill starts this conversation and share some ideas about how you can have “Less Stuff and More Happiness!

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