The Aware Observer: The Multi Dimensional Heart

The more we allow our hearts to take the lead , to guide us in all of our decisions , the more synchronicity we experience in our daily lives.

There is nothing wrong with the ego or mind , it is a necessary tool in experiencing 3d 5 sense reality.

The heart , however is the multi dimensional portal so to speak , it is how we can reconnect with higher self , which allows us greater awareness of “all that is”.

We talk a lot these days in the alternative discussion , about being multi dimensional beings , and intuitively, I experience what that means everyday, although articulating these concepts is difficult at times.

We try and conceptualize , with our minds, what it means to be in the moment, what does reality look like, with no future , no past. How can there be infinite versions of myself, and earth for that matter.

And the big questions is , if there are infinite versions of reality , within the rich field of probability that we call the universe, where does that leave us , where are we actually at , where do we exist.

Here , there, and everywhere it sounds like, and all simultaneously, we are infinite, multi dimensional fractals of “all that is” , capable of individuated awareness , and collective consciousness all at the same time.

See what I mean, these concepts tend to “Boggles The Mind” , so tell the mind to take a break and let your hear sort it all out.

I have found someone however who does an excellent job of articulating these Ideas , so take a listen to “Manus” from his you-tube video about Shifting Between Parallel Earths, and infinite versions of ourselves.

Make sure to listen with the heart though so that you can grasp these concepts.

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