9D Pleiadian Collective: As Above So Below

Back in Mid March 2012 , I stumbled across the concept of the Pleiadian Collective and found the information coming through from  this group , this collective consciousness to be very resonate.

I had no idea at the time that Venus and the Pleiades were putting on a show for us in the heavens , it wasn’t till last week I saw on Space Weather that Venus was transiting through this cluster of Seven stars , the “Seven Sisters”.

And it dawned on me that I was experiencing the “As Above So Below ” phenomenon,  a lesson in Astrotheology from the stars.  And I realized that I was shifting yet again , synchronicity is flowing even greater as each day passes, everything is connected .

I went outside last night and had a brief moment when the clouds cleared , and there it was Venus , I took my binoculars and for the first time in my life, I really saw “The Pleiades”, those seven beautiful stars and I felt uplifted , childlike with awe at creation .

There are so many revelations, and beautiful “Moments” to look forward to in the days and years ahead, do not let the negative aspect of creation dominate your experience , do not let it color your definitions of who and what you are.

The information the “Pleiades ” is bringing to us is that of Integration , this is the time to allow all things expression , without fear of death or lack of abundance or love.

As Venus passes by this little group of stars, its shining a brilliant spotlight on these truths, this group of stars that many indigenous people and ancient cultures around the world call home.

As Above So Below , as we collectively stare up into the sky and look towards Venus , many of us for the first time are reconnecting with this group of seven sisters, we are re connecting with a much greater awareness of who and what we are.

What an incredible Moment to be alive in this Grand experiment we call physicality, enjoy it , revel in it and know that we are masters , otherwise we would not be here , so embrace the adversity knowing it is how we learn , grow , expand and how we play the game of creation.

The universe is watching and learning , lets show them how its done !

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