Economy: Global Monopoly and Economic Collapse

Well the Slow Motion Train wreck that is the Global economy is still ticking. Of course we have all been hearing that the global economy is collapsing , while at the same time being told that it is recovering.

Talk about polarized consciousness. Its enough to make your head spin. So its best to not think about it if you can help it. The amount of insanity that is rampant on the planet right now in our economic systems makes it difficult to know what is real and what is illusion.

For many people , it doesn’t really matter anyway, they are just living one day at a time trying to make ends meet.  Its like a big game of Global Monopoly, except most people don’t get to  pass go or collect $200.

The reality is , the current economic system as it stands is dead, broke , the days of the private banking system can no longer survive in the new paradigm, becasue it does not serve the people, that would be us.

The Central banks are  a polarizing force , and what we want and what we need is a unifying force, a banking system for the people by the people. At least in the short term this is what needs to happen for us to start to forge new economic systems.

Some say Iceland is the template for what needs to happen globally. We shall see , it appears we have a long way to go , although great changes do not happen over night, at this point we are still in the midst of this collapse.

And this is actually a good thing, the slow motion aspect of the collapse is giving us time to figure out what we want , what changes we need to make , and ultimately how to go about implementing those changes.

It not going to be easy , obviously, the casualties are already stacking up , in the form of  foreclosed homes , lost nest eggs, retirement plans, job losses ,  and in some parts of the world , starvation and death, this is a major paradigm shift, not all will make it out alive, but it has to happen , again creative destruction.

Of course universe is self organizing which means that until we have in place a replacement for the old system we are still tied to it. It’s a bit like a being stuck in a bad relationship , you know its not good for you , but your afraid to move on , out of fear of being alone.

It’s only when you are so down and out , and you hit rock bottom , you finally just let go , and slowly , you move on.  This is what needs to happen to humanity, we need to redefine our concepts of abundance and worth. Some day in the future one would hope that a person’s worth is not described in dollar amounts, but until then we will have to muddle through it.

The good news in all of this , is that at least we have begun the process , the collapse is upon us and the universe , “that would be us” is sorting it all out.  There is potential for more birthing pains as we make our way through the process, or birth canal.

I feel the best strategy for getting through this process goes back to the basics and remember , take it one day at time, and better yet one moment at a time. Always remember that circumstance don’t matter , empirically anyway , we are infinite beings, we are all going to make it , no matter how bad it may get.

State of  Being is the only true reality, universe will support and mirror you state of being to the best of its ability , so monitor your state of being , and to the best of your ability live from the heart, live from love , which is beyond economic conditions, beyond physicality.

In the video below Ian Crane talks about the global economic monopoly that is currently in power.

Below Max and Stacey do a brilliant job of summarizing the current state of economic affairs on planet earth.

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