Belief Systems: Power of Illusion VS Illusion of Power

As many during the Apocalypse have come to realize , physicality is a construct , a type of illusion or dream if you will.

It is ” one type of experience ” that we as source consciousness have created , so that we can participate in a co creative experience.

That’s it , nothing more nothing less, it is what it is. We go through the illusion of living , dying and everything in between, and when these momentary flashes of brilliance and creation end , what we call death , we transition back towards what we are , which is infinite source consciousness.

What we call death is simply leaving this dream state we call life, this slower vibrationally frequency , and transitioning back to a higher vibrational frequency , a type of trip or adventure , which allows us to experience more of who and what we are.

We lose nothing , everything we experience enriches us further, allows greater expansion ,as we participate in the creation of the cosmos. This is how the cosmos can know “itself”.

We are not saying that life on earth is not real, not precious , not a wonderful type of experience, its real , its as real as anything is “Real”.

However , from a greater perspective , the only thing that is real is consciousness itself, every ” thing ” is within “all that is” , nothing is outside of “It” , therefor it stands to reason that everything within ” it ” is temporary, going through a constant process of creation and destruction , like a sine wave , this is the nature of nature .

And we as source , ride these waves in the ocean of probability , we go through lives, we watch civilizations, planets , galaxies, universes fade into and out of “existence” , all of it occurring within each us, we are each a universe , each of us are ” all that is ” and ever will be, already.

Understanding this at your very core is the key to empowering yourself during your journeys, your sojourns into the various realms of creation, it allows you to be ” in The Worlds” but not “Of Them” .

And this is the key to understanding the Power of the Illusion verses living in Illusion of Power.  Those that seek power and control in this realm are living in the illusion of power, meaning they need to feed on others to empower themselves , they are in a sense taking source energy from other beings, instead of going directly to source.

Conversely when you understand the “Nature of Reality , you can gain Power over the Illusion . Once you know reality is simply a type of experience, a type of construct , that we are creating , you then realize that the type of experience you have is completely based on your definitions , beliefs and state of being.

Knowing the power of the illusion will allow you to play the game of life from a much higher state of awareness, it will forever put an end to being a “Victim”.

This is the esoteric knowledge that has been forgotten in the recent cycle of creation and to a certain degree is being used against us by those that seek control in this “war on consciousness” , a term we use to describe a process by which, we , as a collective,  have created , for a type of experience, its not good or bad , it’s simply a classroom to helps us sharpen our blades , polish our rough edges as we create another masterpiece.

And this masterpiece, we call human evolution, planet earth,   is another version of the same cosmic story being played out in all corners of the cosmos,  and that is  “From Darkness To Light” .

Both darkness and light  are within each of us, we are the cosmic story. Knowing this , living this from you heart will allow you to have power over the illusion , instead of the illusion having power over you .

Which is why we find such a diverse set of “circumstances ” on this planet. In some areas you can find conditions that are heavenly , with beauty beyond words, while at the same time on the other side of the planet you can find hellish realities of death and destruction and absolute chaos.

The planet is the stage for us to play out our dramas and have experiences of all types , all is allowed expression. Clinging to the idea that life on planet earth will somehow become a golden age of love and harmony , may not be a reality anytime soon.

So don’t get too caught up in the Illusion , there is much to distract us right now, many forces are at work , with the Economy , Wars, Power Struggles of the so called elites and their masters, remember no one is really in charge here , that’s just another illusion, an illusion they surely try and propagate for their own agenda.

And that agenda is all about power, power over others , they need this becasue they truly are in the dark ,they are living in “The Illusion Of Power “.

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