The Unfoldment Part .1

The Unfoldment is a book by Neil Kramer that is ideally suited for those of us that are ready for the next level of our awakening process, for those of us who want to move beyond polarity consciousness.

As we traveled down the rabbit hole and come out the other side ,  we often have a feeling of  confusion , of what’s next, what can we do ,where do we go from here.

In Neil’s book and in his interviews he is clearly laying the groundwork for what  I would call the next step or level of the awakening process, and that is simply integration, Integration is the key to greater understanding.

Many people have become trapped or even addicted to simply researching endlessly about what kind of doom is in store for humankind, caused by the elite, the bloodlines , the empire , yes the same empire that has been around for thousands of years, or even nature itself.

And this kind of addiction like all addictions leads to imbalance.  As the old saying goes there has to be equal work and equal play or Jack becomes a dull boy and this has never been more true than in the awakening process.

There needs to be Equal input and equal output as Neil talks about , there has to be both to maintain balance. We want to become excellent transmitter receivers, conduits for source consciousness to flow through , if you plug up one side of the conduit , well you know what happens.

So lets take some time to look beyond all the little details of who is running things, who is doing what to whom, and all the subjects that we talk about here and in the alternative media.

And lets just break it down into some basics, and zoom way out and  look at the “Really Big Picture ” here today.

Humans farm animals and plants as a food source, even animals on earth like ants grow their own fungus , this is how we survive, we don’t consider it evil or malicious , it’s simply what we do, we farm other life forms so that we can live.

Likewise there are “beings” that are essentially farming  humans so that they can feed on our lower vibrational emotions , our source energies , consciousness itself, these are the non-human entities we talk about .

Lets not go into detail here about how that happens or who the players are, , just read Neils book , or explore further on this site , it has all been discussed by many voices out there like Neil Kramer, David Icke, Michael Tsarion and so on, the list is growing every day as the Apocalypse unfolds, we are waking up from the matrix.

So there it , I’ve said it, yes , we are part of the food chain, and we are not at the top , not by a long shot, so get over it. Come on people the universe is infinite , and being human is just one small , beautiful , wondrous part , that we as infinite beings take part in for the sole purpose of exploring all that is , for exploring ourselves.

There is no reason,  from the persepctive of infinite consciousness  , to regard this as negative or evil , anymore than we regard the ant as evil for eating his fungus, or the human who eats his chicken , fish , fruits and vegetables.

The universe is a complex web of energy taking on infinite forms, we are  consuming and being consumed, we live and we die, humans , stars , galaxies , universes all come and go , within all that is , source, infinite consciousness.

Once you realize this, once you know, once you have absolute conviction that you are this source , this infinite consciousness, then all the dramas of planet earth and the 3d reality seem quite petty really , just another little ant hill , with fungus growing inside.

This is one of the main themes behind Neils work, knowing all the gory little details of the universe , and still living each day with a high conduct, with compassion , empathy , and unconditional love for all life, yes even the non human life.

Knowing everything is as precisely as it should be , in an absolute state of perfection !

Because in reality none of us are really human , that’s just a game we play, a garment we cloth ourselves in to have  a type of experience , an experience we call the “Human Being” , and after we are done playing our part , and the human dies , the “Being” continues on the  journey , wiser , more expanded than ever before.

And the being shares his experience with all the other beings in the universe, who played their parts , human and non-human and together we grew, we expanded , and so on…….this is the nature of nature, this is how the cosmos can know itself, this is how we co create.

The next step is the integration of all of these experiences so that the one “Being” can know itself, and yes that’s us, you and I we are the one being, the singularity , the god particle, the “One” .

From that perspective, it makes, Chem trails, Eugenics, Conspiracies, Banksters, Bloodlines, Death , Economic collapse, Earth Changes, Wars , Ruling Elite , non-human , Annunaki , Grey Aliens, Nazi 4th Reich agendas, secrete space programs, 4th dimensional beings, cataclysms and so on ….Seem rather silly ! All true But Silly ! Less than earth shattering!

So come and join Neil in this great interview with Godlike Productions and see what we are talking about.

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