Completing the Cirucit The Practical Application of Awakening Part 1.

Applying what we learn in this awakening process,  to our daily lives,  is the key to what I call completing the circuit. And completing the circuit is essentially maintaining  a balance  between input and output.

It’s about fine tuning your state of being ,which allows you to become a super resonate transmitter / receiver, bringing unified source energy into this polarized reality we call planet earth.

Fine tuning is a process that requires us to do the shadow work on ourselves so that we no longer blame outer circumstances , and we understand that belief systems are just ways to filter reality, we understand that our definitions color our experiences and we learn we can define things any way we choose.

If you still feel you are a victim in all of this , then there is not much  you can do to help anyone else , more work needs to be done, on yourself,  this not about fixing others, its about being authentic and honest with yourself, its about going inward and taking a hard look at how you are defining , filtering reality , and looking at your belief systems to see if they are serving you or someone else.

When we free ourselves , from the old constructs, the old ways of being that are crumbling before us, we become better conduits for source energy , and we allow a balance of input and out put to take place , and in doing so  the human body , mind , and spirit, will all benefit and blossom,  full of health and vitality and infinite abundance , of all things, not just material wealth.

So lets talk about some ways we can complete the circuit in our daily lives, lets talk about how we can apply this to even the most mundane aspects of physical existence here on planet earth by always doing our best to be aware of our  “State Of Being ” , and our conduct , with ourselves and with others as we go about our daily existence.

Many of us that are awakening sometimes feel a bit confused, on the one hand we see the big picture and do our best to prepare ourselves for what may be on the horizon, economically , socially , spiritually,  yet on the other hand , we have to get up every day and go to work and do our best to survive in a system that can only be described as a crumbling , collapsing, outdated  construct.

It can be a bit frustrating, but what else can we do , its all we have to work with right now , not all of us can be teacher’s , writers, philosophers , like Neil Kramer ,or Michale Tsarion, or David Icke , it takes all kinds to make the world go round, but we can bring their teachings into our personal environments, we can be fully awake and still find the courage to get up each day and make a difference in our own unique way.

Remember they still rely on the current system as well , doing their best to make a living , from people like us , selling their books and seminars and so on, to get a pay check so to speak , so they can buy food, and pay their bills, no one is immune to having to use the current broken system , so lets all do our best with what we have to work with.

So if your an awakened sovereign being  , who has done the inner work , and your selling real estate, or computer software, or working at a fast food restaurant  or if your  unemployed and struggling to make ends meet , just know that these changes that are occurring within our economic systems are just one very small part of the picture, one aspect of the Apocalypse.

All any of us can do is navigate through it as best we can , we are all going through this , no one is immune to the process, so have compassion , empathy , and understanding for all around you, and if you can help,then do so .

Right now there is no practical alternative to this system , living off the grid is an interesting concept , but its not the solution for the planet, we need to come up with new constructs , new paradigms and ways of living here on earth, together.

So what can we do to apply ourselves, how can we,  as awakened , sovereign beings, go about our daily routines and bring these truth vibrations into physicality, so that we can have a unifying effect on those around us , so that we can become a template for others to emulate if they so choose.

When you bring this unified energy into the world it will not go unnoticed, your state of being will not go unnoticed,  people will respond to it ,not always how you expected , some will not  resonate with it , but you  will attract like minded individuals creating  greater synchronicity  your life as the circuit is complete.

In Part 2 we will list some ways in which you can be a template, an example that others can choose to follow or emulate , all of which creates a unifying effect on the outer world , and sets the stage for others to look inward and start the process of their own awakening .

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