AR 1520 Unleashes X1.4 Data Upgrade

Well it looks like we will be receiving some updates, and patches to consciousness here on earth. The recent solar flare released from AR 1520 was fairly strong and sent lots of energy headed our way.

I went out picked up a nice pair of sunglasses to wear this weekend so that I could go out and enjoy this onrush of source energy , as I have been in need of a new perspective.

I love the energy father sun sends us and I look forward to the new data that should be arriving in the next 24 hours or so.

It seems NASA and NOAA are a bit at odds at whether this event will be severe or mild which is kind of amusing , although for me their opinion is irrelevant as they both seem to be treating the sun as some evil doer bent on killing us.

I’m going to enjoy it and let the energy flow through me , and allow it to heal me , and raise my vibrational frequencies, and push me further down the evolutionary trail.

So as usual during these events , I suggest you watch closely as to what is happening , on a personal and global level, it may get interesting as it sometimes does around these events.

It’s simply more energy to do with what we please , use it or abuse it, we shall see. Sometimes it really stirs the ants up though, so be on the look out for high strangeness.

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