David Icke Comes Full Circle

In a recent interview with David Icke in Germany , David  summarizes his life’s work , and his overall perspective on the nature of this reality we find ourselves in.

And David  has come to the same conclusion that many other researchers have ,as well as many of us who are simply opening our eyes for the first time in a long while  , the human race is part of a food chain , if you will , part of an exchange or transfer of  energies.

There are beings that  have “manipulated” (I use that term loosely ) humankind for thousands of years, the Gnostics called them the Archons, the Sumerians called them the Annunaki , the bible refers to the Fallen angels and the Nephilim , the Zulu Shaman in Africa called them the Chitauri and the list goes on of cultures around the world who talk about these beings, what David Icke has commonly referred to as the Reptilians.

Essentially the Idea is that they use our creative energy as a food source, a type of vampirism ,  they are in a sense parasites, although a less polarized perspective  might be to see our relationship to them as symbiotic , meaning , they may have been instrumental in providing us tools that helped  to create the civilization, that we now have, perhaps even taking part in our genetic makeup.

Remember universe uses everything, nothing is black and white, so to say that we are victims is a highly limited perspective, I would suggest that from a greater perspective  there is a collective agreement in place , and we are all playing our roles is this cosmic drama  and as we grow and as we expand , we will find , we no longer need certain tools , we no longer need these extreme polarities as a catalyst to propel ourselves , at least to the level of extreme polarity we find here in 3d physicality.

So these beings create this  fear based paradigm , this lower vibrational energy as their food source , and that’s OK , that’s the nature of  the physical universe, it’s a feeding frenzy , it’s the recycling of energies, nothing gets wasted.

So that’s their role in the drama , and what do we get out of it, well we get the opportunity to take a journey deep into the darkness , where we forget we are infinite , where we (believe) we loose all connection to source in an incredibly complex simulation or virtual reality within a virtual reality that is “seemingly” infinite.

And the game is to find our way back to the light !  Remember the cosmic soap opera’s main theme , From Darkness to Light , From Good to Evil , from Heaven to Hell , up and down , back and forth like a sign wave the Rhythm of the universe pulsates from creation to Destruction trillions of times per second at the micro level and over billions of years at the macro level.

And all of this,  creation and destruction , living and dying , feeding and and being fed on,  is occurring , in what could be called  a finite universe , which exists within “all that is” , the nameless, the indescribable, the singularity.

And since we are fractals of  that singularity , you and I,  and all sentient consciousness , whether your an Archon or an Annunaki, all of this is going on inside each of  us, and becasue this finite universe appears to be holographic in nature, it basically means each of us, is essentially a universe, “the Universe.

So its not about fighting against “them” , protesting and yelling in the street , breaking windows, hoarding food for the end of the world, blaming this group or that group is rather pointless in the end , although it is part of a process, part of the drama.

However  from a greater perspective your just fighting against yourself , it’s more about starving them out…out of existence, at least out of  “your” personal existence ,  out of your universe, because eventually  they will cease to be relevant for the types of experiences, you will want to have when you truly start living form the heart center, this is happening all around us , this is the Apocalypse.

This is the paradigm shift that is occurring  within many of  us, as David says , once its up on the Movies screen of life its a done deal so the key is to change the reel in the projector, the reel of course is our “State Of Being” , our belief systems , our definitions.

Once our state of  being is heart centered, then it is game over. For many of us on the planet this has already occurred, yes we are here, still  living on planet earth , but our purpose now is to simply be, to be a living template for a reality that is beyond polarity , duality, a reality more representative of what we are , which of course is infinite awareness, infinite consciousness, we are , all that is, and ever will be, we are the universe personified.

In this interview David talks about changing  the world or the “system” as pure folly. David says Its about shifting our perspective , our perception , and living from the heart, perceiving , decoding reality from the heart, beyond the programs and constructs that are now in place, we need a clean slate if you will , so we can start creating new constructs new paradigms that will allow us to be more of who we are, will allows to remember what we are, Infinite consciousness.

Its a fantastic interview , and very resonate with the message of living from the heart , as the solution , if you will , to making positive changes , individually and collectively in this experience we call being human , on planet earth.

This is what I mean by coming full circle , we always come back to source, yes that’s “us” ,   we are all willing participants , there are no victims in this simulation we call human experience.

David Icke , like many of us , have arrived in what we call 2012 , with a greater understanding , we have a much broader persepctive of reality , we are much more integrated, meaning we have taken what we have learned , we have traveled down the rabbit hole as David is fond of saying , and we have come out the other side.

Yes all of the subjects that we discuss, are true , they are happening , reality is nothing like what we are taught . Yet if “all” we do is endlessly research what is being done, what is happening to us, we are still trapped inside the prison.

As David says , Its time to get up off our knees and re awaken to who and what we are and simply walk out of the prison , becasue from a greater perspective , the prison is just an illusion created by “us”, we have the Key to end our own enslavement.

Of course there is nothing new about this message , there is nothing new under the sun.

Yes it is that simple, although for most of us , it does take going through a process to come to this realization, it’s a process of going within and doing the shadow work on yourself, and cleaning the inner house , this is also the message that is coming to the forefront of David’s work and many others as we all “Come Full Circle”.

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