Apocalypse How: Death The New Retirement Age

I have to laugh when I think about retirement. I don’t even know what that means ,it’s really just a vague concept with no reality , to me anyway, and probably for most people around the planet.

Of course from a financial perspective , it used to mean , pensions, 401k plans, Social Security, savings, or other forms of storing wealth for a time when you get older and you just want to relax, or you simply can’t work anymore.

In this great age of “Austerity Measures” being foisted on to humanity, and seeing people working in their 60’s and now their 70’s I make the joke that the new retirement age is death.

Sadly the vast majority people working into their golden years are not working at professional careers or following their passions, they are more often stuck handing out shopping carts at the local Walmart , barely making enough to stay above the poverty level.

So my heart goes out these people , many of whom will most likely work until they simply can’t out of physical impairment from old age ,at which point they will be at the state’s mercy, ouch …not exactly golden years.

My own perspective on the subject , is that its all crap , the whole concept is another trap , another diversion to keep you focused on the future instead of living in the moment.

The moment is all there is , so don’t feel depressed or lacking if your so called retirement plans or funds are non existent. It doesn’t matter , only state of being matters, universe will care for you as long as you choose to remain here on the planet , know this from your heart , not your mind.

We live in a universe of abundance , and remember the definition of abundance , the ability to get what you need , when you need it, period !

Ok , so now lets have a good laugh about it , check out the vid below , while true in fact , remember this is just a simulation a virtual reality, when you die, it will be like waking up from a dream , and then you will have a good laugh at how seriously you took it all.

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