Apocalypse How: Discernment

As we move towards the end of 2012 , I can honestly say that this year of 2012 has been incredibly transformitive. In what seems  like a flash , 2012 has been one , wonderful , crazy, odd, strange,  long moment, inside a greater larger moment.

We get up in the morning, we go about our day , we lay our head to rest in the evening , all in a rhythmic dance with universe , the daytime is life , the night is when we return home , back to our other lives, yet it’s all just one moment.

And as we start to gradually perceive reality from the moment , the veils begin to be lifted and  we start to see the other aspects of reality, other aspects of ourselves  that were hidden, ” Because”  of our beliefs, our definitions , our perspectives.

We have reached such a level of novelty , of insanity on this planet , that the most important tool an individual can possess  is Discernment , which can be wielded like a sword , capable of slice through all the BS.

It takes work forging this sword called discernment, it’s not an easy path , however once you have it with you buy your side , you can more easily navigate the virtual realities that we as consciousness find ourselves traveling in.

When you have discernment by your side , you are no longer a victim , you can no longer be manipulated , and you have very little need for admiration from others, you are a complete being , free to travel whatever path you choose.

As we head into the next few months , with all the social and political  pageantry that abounds, keep you sword handy , as it may get a bit dicey as an onslaught of programming  is constantly bombarding our senses.

With discernment as your navigator , let it guide you towards choices that are in “Your” best interest , choices that serve you and those that you love , forget about  global events that have no relevance in your part of the woods.

The awakening process is about learning discernment , it’s about educating yourself , it’s about living form the heart.  The last few years for many of us has been about unprecedented growth, much of it achieved through intense adversity , and we are all better for it .

We are stronger, tougher, wiser and ready to take on new adventures , and continue our expansion, our becoming more , of who and what we are, so lets go for it , no fear!

One of the key elements of discernment is realizing that its all just information , “no thing”  is empirically more real than any other thing when we are talking about experiential realities and knowing this will allow you to “Discern”  how you want to define them , which impacts you experience and ultimately your state of being.

And we all know only “State of Being Matters” ,  everything else is just window dressing.

So take a moment now , a deep breath , and click on the video below and listen to the relaxing , empowering music , and know with absolutely no doubt , that you are loved and supported in every way , every single moment , and nothing can ever take that away !

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