Apocalypse How: The Brochure

I often wonder what happens in  between lives , what are we doing, I suppose anything we want,  I mean , we are infinite consciousness, right !

Which is why one can’t help but wonder why so many people come back to earth and do it all over again , what are we crazy ,probably !

Although  I imagine omnipotence can get a little ho hum after a few billion years.

So I guess we try and find exciting things to do , like create  planets,  galaxies, universes, realities,  people , you know the usual hobbies.

I wonder if we plan our adventures , you know,  sit around the table , look through the brochures , decide what planet to incarnate on , do I want to be a boy or a girl , reptilian or mammalian , the tough decisions.

Well,  all I have to say is , if that’s the the case , the brochure is full of crap, and next time around I’m not going for it !  Yeah right , I’ll probably do it again , thinking ” I’ll get it right the next time “.

We have to laugh , this is what we do, what we are , we are creators of crap, good crap , but crap none the less.

But seriously , lets not get too serious about all of this , I read the brochure , I still came and I’d probably do it again , why , becasue it’s the coolest thing going in the universe , give up all our power and pretend we are finite.

Of course that’s the big the challenge , the grand adventure ,  we parachute into unknown territory , the wilderness of materialism , we can’t take anything with us, no clothes, no money , no memory, hell we can’t even change our own diapers, I know it’s crazy , why would we want to go through that .

All I can think of is that omnipotence is “really ” boring , I know it sounds crazy , you think it would be so cool , well evidently , there is one downfall to omnipotence , there is no growth , it’s a static condition , a nice place to rest , to vacation , but after a while , we start looking through the brochures again, wanting to get our hands dirty.

So as you find yourself in disgust at the corruption , the greed , the inhumanity , the complete madness that makes up a large portion of this reality , just remember , it was your choice , your the crazy fool who wanted to get away from it all and have an adventure.

Don’t be too hard on yourself though , we were all fooled by the brochure, and , once you get the hang of it down here,  it really is quite an extraordinary experience , a place where real traction can be found , and incredible opportunities for growth.

I mean hey , if we are going through all the trouble to dream up , stars, planets , galaxies ,aliens, people,  we might as well hop on and take a ride , otherwise what a waste of time !

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