Apocalypse How: The Consensus Reality

Welcome to ” The Consensus Reality.  What is the consensus reality , well your looking at it.  The consensus reality is what the collective consciousness has agreed upon, the root assumptions , the laws of nature, the rules of the game , the virtual reality.

So , from a larger greater perspective, we really can’t complain about our circumstances, we have all,  at some level given our consent , it is a consensual agreement.

As we take more responsibility , as we acknowledge our participation in the co creative process , as fractals of all that is ,we are becoming more aware of this higher agreement.

It allows us a much broader persepctive of the way things work and the overall nature of the larger consciousness system.

As each of us as individuals continue the process of growing , learning , and expanding our own individual awareness we also effect the consensus reality. This is not something that happens in leaps and bounds , generally , it is usually a gradual process so that everyone has a chance to process the changes.

When you understand that the consensus reality does not necessarily reflect your own personal state of being, things may start to make a bit more sense when one looks at the outer world and wonders what the hell is going on.

The consensus reality is the game board , for example here on planet earth ,  we have 7 billion aspects of all that is, each one of us are each a universe unto ourselves, and we have created this game board so that we can interact with each other as individuated beings,  for the purpose of experiential …exploration.

However ,none of us are having the exact same experience of this virtual reality , the consensus reality is always filtered by our own personal perspectives and beliefs, but it does offer enough of a stable platform so that we can gain traction and learn the process of co creation.

So keep your ear to the wall , you will hear this term used more and more , and its a good thing, it simply means we have shifted to a reality , that is more in alignment with love or unity consciousness, and of some of us are beginning to understand that we create the reality we see around us.

So just becasue the world sometimes looks like it may be falling apart , remember it gives us the opportunity to choose what we want and what we don’t want , and to see , that even though the outer world may seem the same , we have changed , our reaction to the outer world has changed.

This tells us that we are truly growing and expanding , and as always, we have to change the inner first , before the outer manifestations start to take effect , the universe is simply a mirror , we must smile , before we see the image in the mirror smiling.

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