Apocalypse How: The Balance Between Giving and Recieving

As we have often talked about here balance is the key. And when it comes to balance nothing is more important than finding balance in our relationships with others.

As we grow in awareness , as we expand outwardly in unconditional love and compassion for others we find that we have more to give,  becasue the source of our giving, at this stage, is not coming from ego or self, its coming from all that is , we become a vehicle , a conduit for this energy , allowing it to flow through us into this reality.

And this is where balance is important . When you are balanced in your giving and receiving you become a more stable platform for this process of being a conduit, there is no blockage of energy.

When we talk about giving , we are talking about the unconditional type of giving , not the type of giving where one expects something in return , that is not giving that is trading.

Now lets talk about balance , if all you are doing is giving, at home , at work , in your relationships , and you don’t take the time to take care of yourself , you will create a blockage, you will begin to feel animosity, irritation, resentment , when this occurs it’s a sign that your beginning to go out of balance , time for a tune up.

This usually occurs when you find yourself with no time to do the things that you enjoy doing for yourself, it may be anything, painting, writing , working on a project , doing your nails, or simply relaxing with a book with no disturbances, it’s whatever allows you to recharge your batteries so to speak.

If you don’t allow yourself these moments , thinking that you always have to be giving , you fall into what I call the Mother Teresa Complex. This is a very common theme for many who have a good heart but tend to over do it , and many cases are doing so out of fear.

Fear of rejection , that  people will no longer “need” them anymore. Again this is another form of fear,wanting to be needed is simply a mirror image of neediness,  that manifests, creates disharmony and eventually a blockage that leads to anger,  frustration, and balance has been lost.

On the other end of the spectrum is the individual  who only thinks of themselves , and “always’ expects everyone else to pick up the slack and rescue them in times of trouble, these individuals are like mini black holes, vampires.

A balanced “Being” is one who treads the middle path, giving when they can , taking care of their own needs so no one has to pick up any slack or clean up any messes , and at the same time allowing others to give , not trying to be the savior all the time .

A Balanced Being “Knows” they are not in control of  “Anything” !  The need to be in control is another form of fear.

A Balanced Being has done a thorough examination of its own inner house , and knows when it is projecting its own fears into any given situation , and in doing so can take a moment and recalibrate it’s own vibration and make a better choice , a better response, so that it is not simply flying off at the handle , it’s about taking ownership , responsibility for our darker side , not about denying it’s existence.

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