Apocalypse How: The Snow Job

The news cycle is really just the daily programming of the human consciousness. Ever notice how none of the “Breaking Stories ” ever has an ending, nothing ever  gets “resolved” , we simply move on to the next headline .

Manipulation  is the purpose  of controlling the information flow .  The recent so called “revelations”  about the spying that’s going on is a wonderful illustration of this ” predictive programming ” !

Anyone who is remotely awake to the way the world works has to know that the internet and associated communication technologies are  a double edge sword , yes they allow unprecedented ability to share information, while at the same time they allow an unprecedented ability to monitor us remotely ,  as boring as that sounds it seems to hold fascination for some.

Have you noticed  lately that the main stream media news , as well as television shows are all trying to jump on the alternative news bandwagon, what was once considered esoteric , conspiracy ,  and just plain out there , is now becoming the main stream subject matter.

Perhaps it is a way to draw people back into the fold , to tune in again to the boob tube , get them off the computer and the internet where you can more freely choose your programming.

It’s crazy the number of conspiracy shows that are now airing ,  obviously the public is fascinated with latest revelation of how the Nazi’s were funded by the Rockefellers , and how the Annunaki may have genetically manipulated our DNA , maybe too fascinated, it is all starting to seem like another diversion… more  entertainment , a distraction from our unfoldment.

And that takes us back to the recent  “top story”  involving the spying going on all around the planet , a prime example of the “Snow Job” that’s continuously playing over and over again , an endless  mindless , loop.

Supposedly a low level tech was able to walk out with all the states secrets , Trillions have been spent in high tech “security” all to be thwarted by a zip drive , really , to me it all looks like theater , scripted drama , meant to polarize , divide and otherwise distract.

Was the lone whistle blower a real patriot , or an unwitting patsy in a feud between alphabet agencies , probably both , nothing is black and white , universe uses everything as it self organizes towards greater complexity.

One thing is for sure , and that is… we don’t know for sure what is real and what is illusion , which is why it’s easier to digest if we treat it “all”  …as Illusion ” ,  after all ”  it’s just information ” !

And the beat goes on , soldiers still go to war , people go to work  ,  the left argue with  the right, the red hate the blue, the conservatives attack the liberals , and another story is released about the  latest revelation of  greed, corruption and killing.

Welcome to the show !

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