Apocalypse How: The Last Observer

We create reality , collectively and individually . We are both Individuated and collective , we are both the ” Observer and the Observed !

The New Release of Gary Michael Vasey’s new book “The Last Observer ” is an example of  “Synchronicity” at work on a collective consciousness level !   Just when we need it , we have a story that encompasses all the aspects of the awakening process into a cleverly written story , complete with archetypal characters that represent aspects within each of us.

This fast paced story  takes us through the process of unveiling the true nature of who and what we are as Co Creative aspects of all that is , its as much a learning tool as it is an entertaining read !

The Last Observer is tailor made for those that love good story telling based on fundamental truths that are empowering and help to illuminate the way towards greater expansion of who and what we are.

The ending of this story is “Brilliantly”  thought out and represents our true nature and the incredible power that we have in shaping both our collective and individual realities.

The Last Observer is the perfect book to hand to someone to get them engaged in the awakening process , while they are being entertained they are learning how each of us have power and magic beyond anything we could have dreamed , in fact anything we could dream up  is just the beginning of  what we are capable of !

In our day to day lives as the “Outer World ” seems to spin out of control in the battle between Darkness and light, we must remember we are the ones creating it , with our imagination , our beliefs  and definitions, so it’s up to us to change the Story line !

The “hidden” message in “The Last Observer ” is to become   “Conscious Creators ”  so that we can have a more meaningful participation in our individual and collective experiences , we are the authors of our own story !

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