Apocalypse How: War The Reflection

Universe mirrors our state of being , our beliefs , our definitions … there is the individual mirror , this is our personal home life and what we experience “directly ” … and then there is the collective mirror , this is the world we see via , Internet , TV and other forms of media.

These screens , monitors and televisions ,   “tell us about” a world that exists , that we do not necessarily experience directly at  all ,  unless of course its in resonance with our core vibration …meaning… if we are so inclined to join the military or live in a war zone, all of which are choices at some level , unless of course you believe that your a victim ,if that’s the case none of this will make any sense to you , it will not resonate at all.

The vast majority of us never actually experience war “directly ” … and once you quit believing in it , quit giving it your support , your source energy …then over time you “will” shift … shift to a version of reality where , becasue there is no longer support for that construct it no longer exists…never has existed , from this perspective as an “Aware Observer ”  you can  consciously make the choice that says no I do not prefer war to be a part of my reality  … I no longer hold any belief systems that validate these types of fear based paradigms , this this is how you change the world or more accurately … how you change “your” world !

You see universe is so infinitely abundant that all things are allowed expression , and for those of you that are truly waking up, you know that we can simply step away from any construct , that you are not in alignment with , we are “always” free to go out and form other agreements , it’s completely up to us to create a new consensus reality.

So as I watch the never ending cycle of war , I no longer have to wonder what should I do , what can I do , I know exactly what to do and that is nothing , there is nothing I have to do except be myself , by maintaining my core vibration , which is love , empathy and understanding, the heart virtues , I create a reality where lies can no longer exist at all , and if war is anything , it is a lie , a really Big Lie !

War: What is Good For ?   Absolutely Nothing !

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