Apocalypse How : The Bashar Integration

Integration is a hot topic these days for us that are passionate about the exploration and expansion of who and what we are.  we use that phrase  “Who and What we are ,quite a bit  so let me clarify it for those that may wonder what I mean …exactly.

When we say “Who” we are,  I am referring to the aspect of  consciousness that is individuated , that would be the me and the you , when I refer to the  “What” we are , I am referring to consciousness as a whole , the one ,the  infinite being , that which is “all that is ” of course these are simply words and we are still creating a better vocabulary as we expand , and continue to discuss these concepts and ideas about our true nature.

So for me , Integration is about the blending of the  ” Who and the What ” , the melding of the Individuated and Collective, it’s a process that reunites us with other aspects of ourselves , other incarnational selves, and enhances the dialogue with higher self and our over souls , these terms of course are really meaningless , there is no real separation , they simply help to illustrate the structures within consciousness itself .

The idea of the Bashar Integration is that it is a perfect illustration , a perfect of example of this process that we can see and witness right before our eyes and ears.

You see Bashar is simply a future incarnation if you will of Daryl Anka , or another way to put it , is that Daryl Anka is a past incarnation of Bashar , however in actuality , since past and future do not exist empirically , Daryl and Bashar both exist right now … in the present moment , which is why ” they can ” communicate with each other.

Now here is where we get into the integration part , as we all move towards greater and greater integration , we are essentially re gathering of all the parts an pieces and personality constructs that make up our whole being , what can be called the Holistic Human and what some people within the awakening community call the Angelic Human perhaps.

This can actually be experienced , becasue of the internet , which aides in bringing everything into the present moment , by watching some of  Bashar/Daryl Anka’s older videos from the late 80’s and early 90’s and compare them with his most recent videos from last couple years.

What you will notice is this , in the earlier videos Bashar had an accent , not sure how to describe it, Irish sounding, perhaps ,”very distinct ”  and his mannerisms were more “distinctly not like ” Daryl’s , which you can view , when you see Daryl in video interviews , as himself , not channeling.

Now however … when Daryl is channeling Bashar , there is still the lighting processing speed of the information coming through , however the mannerisms and cadence in his voice are much more Daryl Like than before , and there seems to be very little accent left ,his voice basically sounds like Daryl speaking very passionately.

The point here , is that this is the process of integration happening right before our eyes , so I thought it noteworthy in pointing out and sharing my observations , as I’m sure others have noticed this too and will find resonance and greater expansion and understanding about the process of integration , and we thank Daryl and Bashar for their loving contribution to all of us.

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