Apocalypse How: The Second Coming

The ” Second Coming ”  is …coming !  Yes I know how exciting , however I’m not talking about Jesus , or Christ , or Buddha , or Krishna , the second coming is simply “US” , the integrated , holistic, human is coming , returning, re awakening into its full Angelic Self if you will.

From a greater persepctive , from the perspective of infinite consciousness if you will , Christ , Buddha , Krishna , were incarnations of our collective consciousness, or the over soul of the over souls , that make up the consciousness of what we call the human race , this is one way to explore the way consciousness is structured here on our planet .

We are all fractals of ” All That Is ” we are all representations , personality constructs  , we are all the idea of a certain vibration , and Christ Consciousness is represented by that idea as well with the personality construct known as Jesus .

For those of us who do not follow any religious doctrine, for those of us who have ” not ” been indoctrinated , the meaning of the Second Coming is quite different than what it means to those who “Believe ” in religion .

The Second Coming for me has nothing at all to do with religion , the Second Coming is about us becoming more integrated and more aware of our true nature as god beings, Co Creators of Creation , and of course from a greater perspective , we are creation,  we are god , I know saying that will make some people cringe , that’s OK, go ahead and cringe, the holistic human “KNOWS” there is “NO” separating the creator from creation!

So while much of the world “out there” , the consensus reality ,  the collective , await the return of “Their” messiah , there is a rapidly growing number of us who recognize the messiah in ourselves,  who recognize the Buddha in ourselves, who understand that religion is a control mechanism , a crutch that was created , by the collective so that they would not have to face the reality that they have strayed so far from who and what they are.

Back in the time of Jesus no one wanted to be reminded of what they were , they could not  face what they had become ,  what they lost as true Holistic , Angelic , Magical beings , so they killed him , they killed the messenger ,  the fall of mankind , was really a slow forgetting of our true nature, and religion in some ways was created as a reminder , a way to maintain some sort of connection to the idea of a spiritual world , and the priest cast became the managers , they would act as an intermediary between an external separate  god and the lowly physical animals known as mankind.

All part of the game , though , all part of the cosmic drama of planet earth ,  ” our story ” , form darkness to light, it has been a brilliant way to forget , but the time of forgetting is over , we are now in the time of remembering, yes it is time for the Second Coming !

This time around we will forgo all the stories and intermediaries ,temples , Churches ,  we will go straight to the heart of things, no need for religions, no separate god, no messiahs required , no saviors needed , no gurus wanted , we are God , we are Jesus , we are Buddha, we are Krishna , we are ” All That Is ” and ever will be .

This is the new perspective, the new awareness that is the Holistic Human Being , we are coming , we are here , and we are shining a “BLINDING ” light on all the control grids , and unnecessary layers of unwanted , outdated , belief systems that serve no  purpose any longer.

The Masters of Limitation , are simply becoming masters , the masters we have always been and always shall be.

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