Apocalypse How: Unworthiness Is Arrogance

I have to smile when I hear someone talk about not being worthy , or when they exhibit behavior that perpetuates that idea , that state of being , but here’s the deal , if we weren’t worthy , we wouldn’t even exist !

I can certainly empathize with the state of being however, most of us have felt this way at some point in our lives, for one reason or another , self imposed or not .

In reality though , the fact that we exist is evidence of our worthiness, creation would not have created us if we weren’t absolutely necessary for it to be all that it is , if we weren’t absolutely worthy of existing , we simply wouldn’t exist and it would not even be possible to have this conversation.

Again if we weren’t a necessary part of the “whole” creation would not have created us , it does not create things that are not necessary to complete itself , so that it can express itself as “All that Is “.

With out you , it could not be all that it is , it could only be,  some of what it is !

Believing that you are Unworthy , believing that you are not a “Valid ” Expression of all that is, that some how universe made a mistake in your creation , is truly the absolute epitome of Arrogance !

To believe , that in all of creation , the entire physical universe , with all of it’s stars , galaxies,and  multi verse  , in all of that , that you alone , were accidentally created with no purpose , that is true  arrogance , and of course religion is the biggest promoter of this idea unfortunately , with all it’s nonsense of a vengeful external gods or saviors , who can deem someone “Unworthy” !

And then there is our modern day ,  Holly wood, Madison Avenue , Western Society that certainly adds fuel to this fire as well , everyday we are inundated with the message that if we do not measure up to the people we see in the movies , if we do not drive the right car , have the perfect job, have the perfect body , live in the perfect house , buying the perfect products, well then , compared to those people , we are not really all that exciting .

We are taught to be ” driven ”  from an early age,  that we need to get out there and perform and consume and be a productive member of society….jeeeze …what hog wash , we have all been indoctrinated into this system and the layers of beliefs that have built up over the years that keep us in a state of limitation is staggering.

It’s time we start peeling away those beliefs , time to scrape off the  build up , layer by layer  , until we can get to the root of this idea of not being worthy , what is it that makes us unworthy , what is is that we believe to be true about ourselves  that allows us to feel this way.

Once you start to remove the old programing , beliefs , and definitions , that no longer serve you , once that has all been removed like the dead skin around a wound, the healing can begin , new growth can begin , and the idea of not being worthy will no longer even make sense , it will be nonsense !

At that point the only way you could believe that you are not worthy “Is” out of pure Arrogance !

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