Shift Report : ObamaScare Show Down

Well here we are again at a another Shift Point. ObamaScare is quickly approaching , and this latest divide , conquer and distract scheme does not seem to be quite as effective as perhaps it was intended.

Based on the numbers it doesn’t appear anyone really wants it,  except of course the bought and paid for representatives on the hill , and even they have opted out of the actual plan itself , it’s the old case of do as I say not as I do , evidently they view the rest of humanity as children .

Of course we also have the threat of another “Scary” government shutdown , and political “Civil War “,  the latest catch phrase meant to scare us , I guess  ,  ooooh…I’m so scared , how can we survive without “Big Daddy”  to take care of us , unfortunately so many people are completely dependent on the government now just to survive.

So where do we go from here , well that’s up to each and everyone of us as individuals . What do you prefer , what type of systems would you prefer to have in place .

I certainly do not prefer to have anything shoved down my throat , especially as it relates to my physical body , my temple , nor do I resonate with being penalized  when I have done nothing wrong in choosing for myself what I do with my body relative to Health Care.

Humans have survived for thousands of years without hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies , of course universe uses everything , not saying these are inherently good or bad, I’m saying they can become a crutch , another addiction , another form of limitation , another type of control grid , just like Religion, Politics , Science .

So I will be putting my vote in with universe so to speak , I will make it an open , not too rigid intent  , I want to allow universe to be able to act in the best interest of the collective , the Human Being , not the corporatocracy.

Of course I do this with no expectation that the world is going to actually change in my favor , no way Jose , this is about ” Shifting ” , about me changing , me deciding what ” I Prefer ”  , which changes  my vibration , allowing me to “Shift” to an already existing version of reality that in more in resonance with my frequency , I am simply changing the channel .

I know for some this may not seem viable , but I assure you,   it’s how universe works, ” for me anyway”  , and I have proof , we are still here are we not ,  no world war III , no cataclysmic earth shattering events , no war in Syria , no martial Law , no collapse of society , no gun confiscation , no fema camps, no bio weapon attack , no world wide pandemics, no grid destroying solar flares, no 500 foot tsunamis … I think you get the idea .

Remember when you can move at infinite speed , nothing can catch you … so keep on shifting !

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