Apocalypse How : The Swastika

The Swastika is the perfect illustration or example of how something can have more than one meaning depending on your definitions. Remember nothing has built in meaning , we give things meaning , things are just … well things , props , that we as consciousness use as we create the dramas , plays known as life.

I would guess that 99% of all humans on this planet would view the symbol , the design , the image of the swastika from a negative persepctive , of course becasue of Nazi Germany and world war II.

However what they don’t know is that the swastika has been around for thousands of years , long before Hitler and the Nazi’s , in fact the reason he chose that symbol was becasue of his fascination with all things esoteric.

There is a huge story behind Hitler , that they didn’t teach you in high school , that goes beyond world domination , in fact it goes beyond this world , beyond our planet … literally.

It turns out Hitler was obsessed with Ancient Civilizations, Extraterrestrial life , technology , the occult , and other hidden knowledge that he wanted to gather to use for his own gain , for power and control , just another megalomaniac that wanted to rule the world  , sadly it looks like he has become the template for many others that have followed in his foot steps, although most these days are not so obvious about it .

So the idea here is that  most humans would associate the swastika with something bad , while in actuality the actual meaning of this ancient symbol used by  Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism is    “it is good.” … I know … go figure !

So here we have a symbol used for thousands of years that represented something positive and one guy comes along  and in just a couple years turns it into something evil , to be feared , or worse worshiped !

Which is why its the perfect representation of how ” we ” give things meaning , in reality its a symbol , some lines scribbled on a page, statue , or uniform, it will represent what ever we decide it to represent , this is the nature of reality .

As you grow in awareness, as you expand your sphere of consciousness to the point the the entire universe is within , you will stumble upon one of the most powerful paradoxes that exists …are you ready …drum roll please … ” Life Has No Meaning ” … I know sounds kind of depressing… but wait ….the big secret … is that we give it meaning , life , universe,  is simply a mirror , it will only reflect what we believe to be true.

That being said the history of the Swastika and it’s use by humans for various purpose and meaning is a fascinating story , and of course that is the whole purpose of this symbol , the whole purpose of  any symbol , any prop , any dimension , any reality , is so that we can use them so that we can have stories, so that we can have experiences… there is nothing to fear from this perspective  …ever!

Check out the books below on the history of the Swastika !

Below is excellent video that will give you an overview of the ever changing use or meaning of the Swastika over the centuries !

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