Apocalypse How: The Inner Conversation

The inner conversation , the inner dialogue that is constantly going on inside our heads is a good indicator of what will be manifesting in our own personal reality sphere , remember that as you go about your day .

So many people do not realize that this inner voice is ,  in a sense a self perpetuating feedback loop, of course it is , reality is a mega holographic feedback loop , so keep this in mind , pun intended , becasue it will make all of the difference in the world as to what happens , in your world !

Of course the same is true about your outer conversation as well , but your outer conversation is simply a reflection of the inner dialogue , ” everything” in what we call the outer world is a reflection of what is going on inwardly, there is no place to hide, and no way to fool yourself.

So, while it always good to watch what you are saying to others, it is much more important to be aware of what your saying to yourself , what your thoughts are , becasue your thoughts , your inner dialogue is representative of what you are telling your self is true , it’s what you believe , and even though you may be able to lie to try and fool others , it does you no good if you believe something totally different inwardly.

That inner belief is what will become the template for your experiences , what will be mirrored by universe. I know this can be challenging , especially in challenging times, times in your life where this a lot of adversity and change , and you don’t know what is going to happen and you don’t know what to do.

This is when you surrender , this in when you acknowledge that physical mind , or more humorously  ” Monkey  Mind ” does not have the capability to help much in these situations , physical mind is really good at knowing what is happening and what has happened , however it does not have the capacity to  ” Conceive ” of anything , or how to figure out what to do , it can only receive and perceive information from higher self.

This is the reason for so much suffering , stress  , insecurity ,and fear , on this planet , people are trying to navigate this reality with their physical minds , and this conversation that physical mind is constantly pumping out , about what to do , what not to do , how to do it and so on, is counter to the process of manifesting what is representative of our highest excitement , in a sense we , by allowing physical mind, or ego to direct the show , we are blocking the process , we are our own worst enemy as the saying goes.

So … if things are going great in your life and you are filled with , joy , abundance, and synchronicity is occurring on a daily basis , bringing you more joy and abundance , then it sounds like you have a good connection to source  , it sounds like you allowing and trusting in , higher self to guide you and for universe to support you , it sounds like your inner conversation and your beliefs  are working for you .

However if this is not the case , and in fact the opposite is true , then take a day , take a moment , and just ” Listen to Yourself ” .

What are you saying to yourself, what are you telling yourself , just listen carefully , and you will begin to see the correlation between what is happening in your life and what you “Keep” telling yourself is going to be happening in your life during your inner conversations.

I would suggest that those who are living joyful lives , have a lot less inner conversation going on , or at the very least they have learned to ignore much of the babbling that is going on, they are able to discern the difference between the  ramblings of the monkey mind and the powerful intuitive inspirational insights that are coming from higher self  , and then act on those  instead.

It’s not difficult at all , once you are aware of the difference  between the two voices , physical mind is typically the voice that is always finding fault, lack , fear , and of course it would , it has no idea what the hell is going to happen , it’s like a scared child that’s lost it’s mommy, it has no idea what to do!

The voice of higher self is always coming from a place of “knowing” , it would of course , because it it “Knows” ! It’s the reassuring voice , the one that comes in softly , and calms the spirit , and allows for things to unfold as they should , nudging you in the right direction only when you actually need to change direction and not a moment before, this of course is called living in the moment.

Of course the more you learn to live in the moment , the less you will hear or pay attention to the rambling of the monkey mind and it’s inner conversation!

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