Apocalypse How: Ridiculously Resilient Ridge Part .1


Have you heard about this !  Have your heard about the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge”… well let me tell you my story !

As I chop more wood for the stove , I am in awe at the amount of wood I have gone through in the last 2 months , November and December were the driest coldest months I have ever experienced here in the PNW , and those that have lived here for 50 years would also agree.

For those that don’t know , PNW is the acronym for the Pacific North West , which is usually a temperate climate , and in my little neck of the woods , its technically a temperate rain forest , where normally we get over 80 inches of rain a year , I said normally, although I don’t think that term really applies anymore … to anything !

So we have been freezing up here and we haven’t had any rain to speak of ,  and I have gone through at least 5 cords of wood in 2 months to  keep the house warm and toasty , if you were to pile up 5 cords of wood , it would be one hell of a big pile .

Normally … we would have gone thorough less then half of that , as it would “normally ” be raining with temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s.

As I look out at the lake I cringe at the incredibly low level of the water, so low the salmon and steel head can’t make it in up through the creek from the ocean , so we missed the whole run this year , nothing , nadda.

So here we are the middle of January and it looks like more of the same , last year was similar but not nearly this dry , it seems to be a trend, and to think I moved up here becasue I love the water and the rain !

So I started researching a bit , trying to figure out what the “Experts” were saying , because this is not just effecting the PNW , it’s effecting the entire western half of the united states , and its been going on … along time.

It seems it has been here for over 13 months now , a High Pressure Ridge has been parked , or more like anchored and refusing to leave over the Eastern Pacific ocean, Its 2000 miles long and 20,000 feet high , and it won’t budge , it won’t leave , no matter how many rain dances I do!

And the dam things is blocking our normal flow of moisture and pushing it up towards British Columbia and into Canada, they are getting all of our rain and we are all getting cold and dry.

Of course the folks in California are really getting concerned , they aren’t getting any rain …at all !   The meteorologists are all scratching their heads , they have “never ” seen such a “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge”  as they have so aptly named it , they named it that because it’s been here so long … and if it stays here much longer we are all …toast.

Of course there is not a dam thing we can do , all we can do is except what is , and trust mother nature has a plan , which got me thinking…what is her plan , why is this happening , so many strange weather phenomenon occurring these days all around the world, but this has the potential to become devastating to agriculture and our food supply.

So I have been pondering why this is happening, why are we stuck with this Ridiculously Resilient Ridge… in part 2 I will share some of my thoughts on what mother nature might be up to , there are some coincidences , that are just to hard to ignore !



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