Apocalypse How: The Lie That There Is No Truth Part .1


Life is meaningless , reality is subjective , there is no empirical truth !  These are very controversial beliefs , or ideas that have been the basis for much debate as long as human beings have been debating !

So if you buy into the mainstream science theory that consciousness comes from the physical brain , and that the human body , or the human being is simply the evolution of pond scum and that when you die , that’s it , nothing , darkness, zero, nada… then yes I can see where one might develop a pessimistic , or nihilistic view of reality, what “would” be the point after all .

The old phrase ” You only Live Life Once ” is a good example of how society or the consensus reality programs us into believing that we are simply a physical animal , with a very limited , linear existence , that the only real way to have any impact over a long period of time is to propagate , so that your lineage can carry on your name , work , memories or essence.

You see it so often in movies and stories , the same theme over and over again , oh don’t worry , father has passed , but he will live on in our memories , blah ..blah , essentially what this type of belief is saying is that , after dad dies he’s history , he no longer exists , except in our memories, so in essence we keep him alive, we make him eternal , he has no existence outside of our memories of him, yes it s classic psyop , meant to dis empower .

To me this is at the core of the whole life is meaningless , there is no truth , we live , we die , and that’s it, it’s over , hence no meaning at all to it , this is the western societies perspective of reality !

So based on that, who cares what you do with your life  , banker, lawyer, nurse , doctor , mass murderer , what difference does it make , very fertile ground for ” Moral Relativism ” , where good and bad are subjective and the only thing that really matters is you get what you want in this dog eat dog world , the old  ” he who dies with the most toys wins ” mind set.

I would argue that much of the  population has bought into this and is partially why the world , is the way it is , there is no grace , no compassion , no empathy, no growth, no expansion , its a very fear based contracted state of being.

There is also a  more spiritual or metaphysical version of this psyop for the New Agers, and others who are perhaps more expanded and do believe that that they are more than a physical animal, it’s another layer , another construct, that says    , yes I am spirit , I am consciousness, I create my “own”  reality.

So again nothing really matters except what ” I believe “, so I can do anything and hey if I screw up I can always come back around again and make up for it , or , what difference does it really make , I want to ascend beyond physical reality anyway , and I’m not coming back  to this “lower” vibrational place , this place of hell and insanity , why would I want to be here anyway, there is only me and what I believe and there is no higher truth , so from this perspective , there is nothing to strive for , so the real spiritual journey never begins.

In part .2 we will explore the options to the perspectives above and perhaps discover something  by moving outside of polarity and into unity consciousness , where we can better tackle these questions and still allow all things expression.

Of course we have to have beliefs of some kind to even have an experience , and I would argue that we have to believe that truth does exist or else you are not actively searching for it , and if your not active searching or moving forward on your journey , you remain stagnate , contracted.

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