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March 2, 2014
Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

When you truly understand that you are consciousness and consciousness is energy: When you truly understand that even your bodies are consciousness and energy:

Then you will no longer need to ingest a material substance and convert it to energy to sustain yourselves. Even this need is an illusion of the material world.

If you were to become completely conscious and aware, right now, that you are energy and that all is just energy and that you are surrounded by and part of one energy, you would immediately then sustain yourselves by drawing on this energy that you all are and share as the One.

You would recognize that your contribution to the restoration and recycling of this energy is the unconditional love that you give and through which you create.

There are those who already live and sustain themselves in this manner. Some are of an extra-terrestrial nature, who still have a material body, although less dense and material then your own.

Others live in different dimensions where there is no material or corporeal body at all, just an ethereal or spiritual body.

Your evolution as a species will eventually take you through these varying degrees of density, from the completely material body to a spiritual body, and it will be due to your ongoing and ever increasing understanding and acceptance, that you are primarily energetic beings of consciousness: manifestations of the One consciousness that permeates and is All.

Your evolution in technology will happen in much the same way. The next leap in your technology will come when it is accepted that consciousness is energy and that you can easily direct it by force of will.

However this will not be clearly realized until you first, as a collective recognize unconditional love as your highest aspiration. This is so because consciousness is the energy of pure positive unconditional love and can only be creatively directed by its Self.

This is the root of all creation. It is the only energy in the Universe. To use it on this high level, as fuel for technology, you must align with its will, which is also its essence, pure positive unconditional love. It will not and cannot be used for anything else, so it will not be discovered by anything else…but its Self.

Now you begin to understand extra-terrestrial travel and why thus far there has been no open contact. Consciousness fuels their travel, pure positive unconditional love. Your exposure to such a high frequency at your current, primitive, low frequency level of consciousness and fear, would no doubt literally blow your minds.

We are The Collective. We are here to open your minds and prepare the way. Although much of what we say may be hard for you to “digest” at this time, it is necessary that this information be brought to you now, in preparation for many things that are soon to come.

Without this preparation, you would be put into a state of shock by things soon to be revealed. Keep an open mind. This information is designed to open the mind further.

The mind that is tightly shut, is more likely to implode under the pressure of insights, stretching beyond its current acceptance of what is considered normal.

The open mind however, is receptive, malleable and bends like the trees, in the winds of new information. As it has been said among you: You cannot put new wine into old wine skins. The old wine skins will split under the pressure.

Keep an open mind and allow for whatever time is necessary to process and integrate this information. In so doing, you make your way into your own future much easier and you pave the way for those that follow.

We thank-you for doing this, and future of your generations thank-you for doing this as well. We are one and the same. We are all here now.

The Collective

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