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Do you have something you want to discuss , something you would like to talk about , something that you don’t feel comfortable telling a friend , family member or Spouse ,  becasue they just wouldn’t ” Understand “,they just wouldn’t  “Get It “.

Trust me I know what your going through , the awakening process is not something  “Everyone ” chooses to go through , just becasue you live with someone or  just becasue someone shares the same genetic code , does not mean they are going to be experiencing , or even be remotely interested  in what is happening around them or more importantly inside of them.

And that’s OK !   We are all allowed to express ourselves however we choose , however it’s great to be able to communicate with someone who does understand the changes that we are going through in our ” Consciousness “, during this amazing, incredible , stressful , beautiful experience , we call ” Being Human “.

So here at  Apocalypse How , we have decided to create  ” Ask Apocalypse How ”  to give you  the “Opportunity ” to talk to  us ,  about the situations , the experiences , you are having in your life, your personal reality ,  what ever it is , we have ” Been There ” at some level , and we would love to take the time to share with you our insights , our ways of dealing with it , and most importantly how to deal with it in a way that Empowers you and perpetuates Growth and Expansion in your life , so that you can continue the journey of becoming more of who and what you are !

We will have two options for communications , and in both instances you can remain completely anonymous if you choose to do so  that is up to you , and remember what ever feedback you get from us will “not be” in the form of what I would call a definitive ” Answer ” , becasue there is no such thing , it will  simply be us sharing with you, what we feel will be helpful , useful , inspiring, and empowering in your given situation.

Option One:  Email Conversation:
This option will allow you to email us at and start the conversation , you can  ask us about anything , it does not matter , what ever is on your mind , at what ever length you wish to discuss it , and we will reply back to that email accordingly with our insights.  We do ask  for small donation of  $10.00 so that we can spend the time to reply to your email , this will help us to cover the costs of running this website.  Click Here to Donate $10 !

Option Two: Skype Call Conversation:
This option will allow us to call you via Skype {audio only) at an agreed upon time so that we can simply “Talk” , it’s a more free flowing conversation than an email can be , and we are great “Listeners” , the idea here is not to convince you of “Anything” , it is to listen to your thoughts , emotions , feelings , and we will share ours insights and suggestions for the purpose of reflection , growth and expansion. We do ask for a small donation of    $50 for a half hour call and   $100 for a full hour .  This will allow us to take the time to “Be” with you uninterrupted.

Sharing our unique persepctive about the Nature of Reality , The Awakening Process and “Being Human”  with you is our absolute highest Joy, it is the reason ” We” are here and we take great delight in ” Being” there for you !

To get started on a conversation via email , simply make your donation and email us, for a Skype call conversation , make your donation and email us a contact number or Skype user name  and we will arrange a time , Skype is not required on your end , unless you are outside the US and Canada .

We look forward to hearing from you !

From Seth and the Staff at Apocalypse How.

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