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Brno, November 10th, 2014, My Haunted Life, A Compendium of Strange, but True, Tales of the Paranormal is the new book from Czech Republic-based author G. Michael Vasey published by William Collins Publishing, London.

The book features a number of strange events in the author’s early life including chilling meetings with ghosts, poltergeist activity, haunted locations and clothing and much, much, more. It is available in paperback and Kindle versions from all amazon websites and good bookstores.

“My childhood was a strange one. One of my first memories is of a little, blue man who emerged out of a mirror in my bedroom, shot me with a toy gun and then jumped out of the window into the backyard below.

You might perhaps think that I imagined it, except for the fact that my parents actually heard the gunshot!” said G. Michael Vasey. “This book is a collection of events that happened to me. All are strange and all are true. When people say that “fact is stranger than fiction”– they weren’t joking.”
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INTEGRITY    By Debi Purcell

So today is International Integrity day.

Why you might ask? Thank you I will tell you.  Because I decided I wanted a new holiday to celebrate lol. Although of course everyday is Integrity day, but I’m just saying……..

I have been thinking a lot lately about what integrity means to me, as I am completely sure that in this time we are living in personal integrity is the key to everything I want to experience in my reality!

I am not writing this to judge anyone else on what integrity means to them, how could I, as integrity means something different to each & every one of us.

It’s that tiny little voice inside, whispering and sometimes  screaming – Hey you do this or go that way… Sometimes we ignore it, and sometimes we are not even aware of it, but it’s a built in mechanism we all have.

It means act as if there are people and beings watching at every moment, even though we think were alone – Ok granted I often times act like a fool when people are watching me, but anyway but you get my point.
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Guest Article By: Gregg Braden

Excerpts From:  Deep Truth – Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destine, and Fate

Publisher : Hay House

Sometimes it’s a good idea to study a problem thoroughly before we act.

The more we know about a difficult situation, the more certain we can be that we’ve found the best solutions to the dilemma. But sometimes prolonged study is not so good. There are times when the best thing to do is act quickly to survive the immediate crisis, and only then to study the problem in detail from the safety of the time bought by taking decisive action.

Maybe the best way to illustrate what I mean here is with a make-believe scenario:Let’s say that on a beautiful, clear, and sunny day you’re crossing a stretch of highway with a friend in order to get from your house on one side of the road to your friend’s home on the other. Suddenly you both look up after being engrossed in deep conversation and see a huge 18-wheel tractor-trailer rig coming directly toward you.

Instantly your body’s “fight or flight” response kicks in so that you can act. The question is: How? You have to decide quickly if it’s best to move forward, or go back to where you’ve just come from until it’s safe to cross. You and your friend both must choose, and choose fast.
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Beverly Nadler2


Beverly Nadler, CH, CMT ©2014

The answer to that question is an absolute “Yes.”

The purpose of this 2 Part article is to shed some light on this seldom revealed fact of life, and give you some thoughts about the vibrations that could be inharmonious with you and your energy field.

Everything Is Energy In This 3-D World We Live In

The energy field that makes up our Universe is awash with vibrations – cosmic, solar, planetary and earth vibrations, vibrations of everything that has ever existed since the “beginning”… whenever that was.

We live in a sea of vibrations. Our bodies are made up of vibrating energy and our cells, organs and systems vibrate at different frequencies. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs – our own and everyone else’s — are vibrations of energy that radiate into the energy field in which we live, which is actually called “The Field.”

The clothes we wear, the foods we eat and drink, the air we breathe, the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, the chemicals we use and are exposed to, the equipment and technology we use — all are vibrational frequencies of energy. (The website you are currently on www.universal-laws.net is about energy and how the laws of energy impact upon every area of our lives.)
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Guest Writer: Debi Purcell

How To Burn Fat, Feel Younger & Live  Longer – The Secoya Way Practicing Unconditional Love

Everyone I know wants to be strong, skinny, healthy, have more energy, better cardio & have less fat.  Oh and lets not forget about living longer. However how is that even possible with all of the misguided information being thrown in our faces everyday at every corner and Internet search?

The list goes on and on it makes me dizzy !  As an athlete myself  I’ve had a life time of researching and applying the right nutrients and foods & methods to help my cause and I’ve always stood by and still do say “whatever” works for your body do it.

We are all wired differently, so different things will work for different people.

Get over the vegan – non vegan thing, its really not your business to judge what someone else chooses to do or makes them feel healthier or stronger.

If I hear gluten free one more time I am going to rip out my eyeballs  (seriously) I’ve lost count of all the healers and their methods, not saying they cant be beneficial, however from my perspective here’s the deal.

I just returned back from spending time in the deep amazon with a indigenous tribe watching 90 + year old men who have smoked tobacco their whole lives climb tree’s with no ropes like they are 16, and 80 + year old women whacking down trees with machetes like they are 20.
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Seventh Written Transmission Download Part 2

April 1, 2014 2:00pm

Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

There are also many “you’s” already currently existing in parallel realities that represent existing parallel earths.

So even on your vibrational level of existence or in your dimension, it is possible to enter parallel realities, the lives of parallel “you’s”, that are currently living on parallel earths.

In previous transmissions we have already spoken of the many parallel earth realities you are living and how quickly you jump from one to another without realizing it: experiencing the shift as a change of mood or perspective or what you would call déjà vu.

These “you’s” are also living simultaneously on these earths that are existing simultaneously.

Depending on the way that you desire the earth that you are currently living on to be, and your ability to conform your behaviors and your feelings to match that desired earth reality.

To that desire and to that extent, you are able to jump the tracks and find yourself to be a citizen of that desired parallel earth: the earth that most accurately manifests the vision and the feelings of the earth that you desire to live on.
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Seventh Written Transmission Download
April 1, 2014 2:00pm
Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

The channel began in meditation, during which time she was directed to begin with the album 10,000 Days by Tool.

Transmission began with the first track of this album, after which she was instructed to play the album Lateralus by the same band, Tool.

The entire transmission flowed for the duration of this album to its completion. Only the closing comments were written in silence.

Prepare, for the day of our coming is near. Rejoice, for some, we are already here.

For as we have said, all is now and those who have learned the method of jumping consciously from parallel reality to parallel reality, have already made contact with us on many levels: not just ethereal, but corporeal.
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