Guest Writer: Debi Purcell

How To Burn Fat, Feel Younger & Live  Longer – The Secoya Way Practicing Unconditional Love

Everyone I know wants to be strong, skinny, healthy, have more energy, better cardio & have less fat.  Oh and lets not forget about living longer. However how is that even possible with all of the misguided information being thrown in our faces everyday at every corner and Internet search?

The list goes on and on it makes me dizzy !  As an athlete myself  I’ve had a life time of researching and applying the right nutrients and foods & methods to help my cause and I’ve always stood by and still do say “whatever” works for your body do it.

We are all wired differently, so different things will work for different people.

Get over the vegan – non vegan thing, its really not your business to judge what someone else chooses to do or makes them feel healthier or stronger.

If I hear gluten free one more time I am going to rip out my eyeballs  (seriously) I’ve lost count of all the healers and their methods, not saying they cant be beneficial, however from my perspective here’s the deal.

I just returned back from spending time in the deep amazon with a indigenous tribe watching 90 + year old men who have smoked tobacco their whole lives climb tree’s with no ropes like they are 16, and 80 + year old women whacking down trees with machetes like they are 20.
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Seventh Written Transmission Download Part 2

April 1, 2014 2:00pm

Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

There are also many “you’s” already currently existing in parallel realities that represent existing parallel earths.

So even on your vibrational level of existence or in your dimension, it is possible to enter parallel realities, the lives of parallel “you’s”, that are currently living on parallel earths.

In previous transmissions we have already spoken of the many parallel earth realities you are living and how quickly you jump from one to another without realizing it: experiencing the shift as a change of mood or perspective or what you would call déjà vu.

These “you’s” are also living simultaneously on these earths that are existing simultaneously.

Depending on the way that you desire the earth that you are currently living on to be, and your ability to conform your behaviors and your feelings to match that desired earth reality.

To that desire and to that extent, you are able to jump the tracks and find yourself to be a citizen of that desired parallel earth: the earth that most accurately manifests the vision and the feelings of the earth that you desire to live on.
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