Pete From Canada Asks:
” Hey Seth, great site! I totally resonate with the material. I was wondering if you can give me your thoughts on a something I have been thinking about. We know about the ‘powers that be’, but do these people behave differently depending on our own vibration? The so called ‘illuminati’, are these people strictly negative or can they also be leading positive lives in a parallel reality? Say the Rothchilds for example, if I am giving off a loving vibration, are these people out to serve mankind in a positive way instead of a destructive and controlling way in my personal reality? ”

Pete , great question , and a very resonate for me, and others I’m sure.  From my personal perspective of reality , the Illuminati are not necessarily all positive or negative, nothing is black and white , its all grey. Positive and negative are aspects of  polarity consciousness.

I feel there are illuminated beings, that are playing their part in the mass drama , some choose to play the bad guys some the good, in the end though , we all originate from first source, these are just roles we play. The more awakened , the more expanded we become , the more unified or integrated our perspective becomes.

So that ultimately, we realize, that what we call physical reality , 3d, is simply responding to our input , it is really  just a mirror. So yes you can alter or modify your vibrational frequency , change the channel if you will , and immediately shift to a reality where , there is more positivity , more unity , in your “personal reality” , becasue in reality, that’s all there”really” is.

There really is no out there, everything is happening within you . We are each a universe , so when you shift your beliefs, your definition of things, you will make the shift to a version of earth , a version of reality where it appears like the powers that be are more in alignment with you , or ,  they simply become irrelevant. I lean towards the latter.
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Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !

I wanted to add the Apocalypse Help section , so that I could create an area where users can interact with us, the collective,  , by asking questions or simply sharing their own thoughts and feelings with the other Apocalypse How readers.

There is a lot of confusion in the main stream media , but there is just as much dis information in what we like to call the alternative media as well , in fact in some ways I would argue that much of what we call alternative media is becoming more , main stream, and that’s OK too.

At the end of the day it’s all just information , for you to filter however you like, it’ all just entertainment for infinite beings , like you and I .

So please email me at , and share your thoughts or questions with us, I won’t be giving out any answers, answers imply right and wrong, they imply something that is definitive ,  it will just be my feelings and thoughts, from where I am right now, might be different tomorrow.

The first question for this section comes form Pete in Canada, and its a very relevant question for this moment right now.
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Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !


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