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Evita Ochel … Consciousness Expansion Teacher , helping to empower others as they learn to live form the heart ! Wow , that says it all , I love it !

We can certainly do with more of that mixed into the collective , more people becoming living templates , examples that others can emulate , vibrationally if they so choose.

There is growing number of “Beings” on the planet who are shifting , moment by moment , creating new consensus realities in their wake, that others can be part of ,and participate in the co creation of.

You see it’s not about changing the world , its about changing yourself , and shifting to the collective you are more in resonance with, allowing others to do the same, all things are allowed expression in this vast universe, there is plenty of source energy to explore all probabilities in infinite combinations.

Evita Ochel is one of those voices helping to create a new consensus reality , a new construct , for others to be part of , it will be a new collective experiment if you will, one based on the heart virtues , empathy , compassion , understanding , forgiveness , wow what a concept , imagine the level of joy we can experience. .

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Welcome to part two,  on the voice we call Penney Peirce … all I have to say… is … thank you Penney,  for all that you do !  You came at the right time for me ,us, to help us better understand, what is happening in “this “Moment” , the resonance factor is off the chart!

We are all effected by the energy of others , I’m sure you a have a boss ,a co worker or a family member who drives you crazy, perhaps they are  always in a bad mood ,  they seem to be trying to suck you into their madness, their black hole , or maybe it’s just someone in the car next to you and your picking up on their energy , the vibrational field that that emanates around them.

Likewise if you live in a big city with millions of people , the collective consciousness of all those people is emanating an even larger field that you can feel , that is tangible whether your aware of it or not, you know the feelings we all get , that can sometimes well up in each of us , and we wonder , where is this coming from , I was feeling fine yesterday , an hour ago, nothing has changed , now all of a sudden I’m anxious, I’m feeling anxiety.

And of course once we start to “resonate ” with that vibration , all of our own personal fears and insecurities start to come up , and then it begins to escalate , and of course we get all worked up ,all our buttons feel like they have been pushed, and then we end up dumping on someone else, usually those we love the most  ,  it’s a viscous cycle.
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I love how we come across voices at just the right moment, to help get us to another level of awakening, to fill in another part of the puzzle , to give us another boost just when we need it.

Well … I would like to introduce you to Penney Peirce, if your already familiar with her work then good for you , if not then your in for a treat !

There is so much resonance in her message , what she calls ” Spherical Holographic Perception ” , it’s a powerful way to visualize the expansion of consciousness and is part of her overall perspective on what she calls the ” Geometry of Perception ” .

The idea is that we are in a sense a ball or sphere of energy or consciousness , and we can expand or contract that ball as we choose , we can expand it to encompass our local reality , or we can encompass the entire universe , where at that point everything is essentially within our ball , or within us .

In other words we are Universe ! You cannot separate the creator from the creation .

The more expanded your ball of energy or “perception , the more unified you become, your thoughts are of a higher caliber , more loving , more unified, which of course makes sense , you are taking in more of the unified field.

Where Penney really starts to hit all cylinders is when she starts talking about how to deal with all the negativity on the planet , which is really a critical topic among those of us who are awakening to the madness that we call life on planet earth.
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Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !

One of the most important aspects to the awakening process is to be able to find practical applications for it in your waking 3d reality that we call life, or physicality.

There are so many benefits to being awake , the most important is how it can empower you to have a much more fulfilling life while your here in this simulation, this construct, we call “our lives” .

From the perspective of infinite consciousness it really is a type of simulation , or a game if you will , no different than playing your favorite computer game, where do you think we got the idea from , remember everything is holographic “In Nature”.

Which is why I gravitate towards the voices , or individuals, that bring information into this reality that can have a positive impact on my life, our lives.

Everyday it seems I find another voice to add to the growing list of individuals on the planet right now who are taking part in this collective conversation regarding the the re discovering of what we are.

The voice I would like to introduce to you right now , in this moment, is absolutely brilliant , her name is Wendy Kennedy , and she represents a collective of 2500 individualized aspects , or fractals of all that is , called the 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective .

Of course in reality , this collective could be considered one being , an over soul if you will , but none of that really makes any difference to me , they are just semantics , the only thing that is relevant to me is the information that is coming forth from this voice.

And the information is relevant, empowering and brilliantly articulated to bring home a greater understanding of what we are and how we can use this information , this knowledge in our daily lives to integrate and shift into higher vibrational frequencies allowing us to become more of what we are , which is of course infinite consciousness, source energy. We are “It”.

As Wendy says this realization is the most important aspect of why we are here, this is what “Earth” is all about, as source we come into the game we call 3d reality for the purpose of experiencing what it is like to be cut off, and then work our way back.

Yes its the same information showing up again and again , in all the voices, in all the information coming through during this awakening , we are all having a conversation about the same thing , and as we look around at all the faces in the room , we realize we are just looking at ourselves.

Wendy also gets into the concept of using your heart to do the real thinking , the mulit dimensional thinking, as the brain cannot process multidimensional thinking, the Brain or Mind’s purpose is to process information in the 3d , five sense reality, it’s simply a tool to use when immersed in this particular simulation, or construct.

I came across Wendy when I started doing research into the whole Human / Pleiadian connection , and what I am finding is an incredible amount of resonance and synchronicity in what I am hearing from those that say they are channeling that species of consciousness if you will .

So this is the practical application , this is the benefit, as we allow and explore with the heart, we find the level of expansion as individuals explodes exponentially, we find we are changing ourselves from within and the result is that we align ourselves vibrationally with versions of reality that we are most in alignment with.

Wendy also talks about Ascension , but not in the way it is normally discussed , she says Ascension is simply infinite consciousness taking part in an experiment so to speak , we are already “All That Is ” but we do enjoy challenges , otherwise things would get a bit “Boring” as she says, again very resonate .

This is how it’s done, this is raw creation , there is no changing the world , there is no out there , it’s all about changing within and Wendy Kennedy not only resonates with this concept , she brings it into even greater clarity , creating more understanding of what we are.

Check out the videos below by Wendy Kennedy !

So lets get started with Wendy in this video about Solving World Problems , listen and learn , it is incredible , useful , practical information for these amazing times we are in.

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I have come across another brilliant female voice recently that I would like to introduce you to, her name is Beverly Nadler .

It seems the feminine energy is working its way back towards center stage during the apocalypse which is a very good thing.

Personally I think we may have all had enough of this male dominated energy that has brought never ending wars and planetary destruction, not saying male energy is bad , that’s a polarized perspective.

I’m saying that the union of both male and female energy is what is needed to bring a more balanced , unified state of consciousness into this reality we call planet earth.

I find the message ,the over all theme of Beverly’s work to be very resonate with what many of us are feeling right now as we expand into more of who and what we are as Conscious Co Creators of our individual and collective realities.

In Beverly’s book ” Loving The Game of Life ” we can explore the idea of seeing life, physicality as a game , yes, an incredible virtual reality , where we “play” the part of Being Human , and once we understand the “rules of the game , once we understand the underlying physics involved with creation , then watch out , watch your life transform into an explosion of abundance , joy and synchronicity !

This single realization allows you to “Reprogram” the program that we call the human subconscious to do your bidding in a positive way , so voices like Beverly are vital to this process, and she does a great job of bringing practical techniques and well written material for people to get started on this process.

When you listen to Beverly she has very down to earth approach to the awakening process, although you can tell she has really done her home work, she has excellent grasp of the consensus reality theater that we are all bombarded with on a daily basis , in fact she says part of the process of reprogramming is learning how the world really works , understanding that much of what we have been told growing up is mostly nonsense.

Its the old story of garbage in garbage out, if all you do is fill your mind , your heart and soul with negative fear based input , then guess what your life is gonna look like. Now is the time to let go of outdated belief systems that no longer serve us , definitions that no longer serve us , and to understand that universe is simply a mirror , reflecting back to us what we put out.

It does take commitment and dedication and you do need to be disciplined , especially in the beginning of your journey back towards the light , in many cases its a case of fake it till you make it, because we have all been so programed so indoctrinated with absolute “BS” on this planet.

Check out the books below by Beverly Nadler !

So if you think your ready for a bit of Reprogramming , then come and listen to a very special voice, come and meet Beverly Nadler, here she is on Ask Your Angels you tube channel , answering some of the most common questions we all face.

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Many of the most fascinating voices of the Apocalypse are individuals who seemingly just appear on the scene and Sonia Barrett is one of these people.

In early 2011 I stumbled upon one of her videos and was awe struck at the level of resonance I had with her message.

It seems as consciousness continues to evolve more and more voices begin to transmit this message of reality as a Conscious Mega Fractal Hologram, a self-learning feedback loop of patterns repeating into infinity.

I know that’s a mouth full but Sonia would understand that statement as I am sure many of you will as well. We are creating a new language to describe the nature of reality.

What I love so much about Sonia Barrett is that she is not from academia , she holds no degrees, she is not a self proclaimed guru , she just decided she wanted to learn more about all that is.

Another aspect of her perspective that resonates so well with me is she feels that we need not concern ourselves with saving or convincing others of anything.

In fact this journey that we are all going through is completely unique to the individual and it is Not Necessary ” for there to be a mass awakening for there to be evolution.

In other words what ever evolution occurs in the Individual also occurs in the whole anyway , this is the nature of the Holographic aspect of nature.

Again words get into the way when trying to describe these concepts that are literally beyond words , but Sonia Barrett does an excellent job doing so and has fun doing so.

She laughs often , mostly at herself and is not afraid of sounding perfectly normal and very unsophisticated and these are the very reasons I find her so interesting.

Check out the books below by Sonia Barrett !

For more of her exciting work click here to see her full library of books, DVD’s and CD’s.

Sonia breaks down the concept of humans as “Programs” in this excellent video series below called “Unveiling the Matrix” a perfect title for here on Apocalypse-How !

Here Sonia Barrett Author of the Holographic Canvas talks about Hacking the Reality code on Red Ice Radio.

Here Sonia breaks down the concept of death as a program, our DNA has been altered to allow the death program to run. Very interesting stuff here and for me very resonate when you approach the “Human Being ” as technology that consciousness uses to experience all that is.

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Tracy Twyman is a voice that is very resonate within the alternative media community. And I really wish we had a term other than “alternative media ” to describe the open minded discussion that is going on.

I don’t like the phrase truth movement either , becasue the word truth is a polarized concept. One persons truth may be another’s lie so I tend to see everything as just information, just data to be utilized to form an over all view of the ever changing reality we find ourselves in.

Because ultimately there is no black and white , good or bad , right or wrong these are all part of polarity consciousnesses .

It really takes an open mind and more importantly an open heart to look at the type of information Tracy Twyman brings into the mix.

After many years as a writer and editor for Dagoberts Revenge Magazine and the author of her book “The Merovingian Mythos” Tracy sheds light on the extremely esoteric nature of the occult and “Money ” itself as a form of alchemy.

When most people think of Money ,they think of paper dollars and things that it buys. But money is much more than that.

What are the origins of money , why do we call it the Dollar ,why is there a pyramid on the dollar,why is it green, where did the dollar sign itself originate from and so on , so many questions but no real answers from modern academia.

And the reasons there are no real answers is becasue when you really start to pick apart what money is it will become clear that while it is true that money is just a form of energy , it has also become a form of control.

As Tracy starting getting deeper into the Esoteric nature of money she started to unveil the alchemical nature of money and how the symbolism on the dollar itself could be interpreted in alchemical fashion.

During her research she discovered that some of the most influential economists were actually students of alchemy , imagine that , and that some of the most influential alchemists had contributed to to the evolution of money.

So now a picture starts to come together on how money was created and why it is such a power symbol in human culture.

Tracy looks at how this powerful Alchemy known as money in the hands of the ruling bloodlines is used to manipulate the masses. So open your mind, open your heart and see what resonates.

Check out the books below by Tracy Twyman !

Here Tracy Twyman breaks down her research into the alchemical nature of Money, its an excellent introduction to Tracy and her well documented research into this most powerful symbol.

Here is an another excellent video series that will get you well acquainted with Tracy’s research into all things esoteric.

Here is one of Tracy’s avant-garde films from her college years about freemasonry Signs and Signals.

Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !