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Apocalypse Earth

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It’s 2014 and The Zombies are here , run … run to the malls … I mean hills !  Billions of them around the planet , walking around in every town and city , state and country , the numbers increasing daily , their minds filled with things , things that need to be done, things that need to be said , things they wish they would have done and said, a steady stream of incessant thinking !

As you walk down the street , you can see them everyone , deep within their thoughts , cut off from the present moment , like zombies in a horror film , only instead of not being able to die, these zombies are not able to live, their conditioned minds have  built a prison around their perception , their awareness , everywhere they look there is a thought , a conceptualization , a categorization , a judgment , an opinion , their  life situations play on endlessly , like a broken record, like a bad soap opera with no ending in sight , life is a constant battle full of conflict , resolution , loss and gain , this is the state of the modern “Human” being .

On top off that we have “technology” , machines that are supposed to make our life simpler , easier , and  while walking , lost in their thoughts , the zombies are texting and talking on their smart phones to other zombies, , thumbs flying as they struggle to text , think and walk at the same time , bumping into each , like cattle headed towards the trough ,  occasionally you get a glimpse of their eyes, no sign of presence , no sign of awareness , lost in the wilderness of the mind, with frowns on their face, fear in their eyes , it’s a jungle out there and everything is a threat .
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We have all heard the common phrase , “Clarity Of Mind ” , well I am changing it to ” Clarity Of Mindlessness !

In the mind created world , the word Mindless has negative connotations , meaning lacking intelligence ,  not having good sense , careless , no purpose,  direction or meaning.

Wow … so not being completely identified with the mind  is a real no no here in physicality , no wonder humans are so easily manipulated, even our language is biased towards the conditioned mind persepctive.

I have been talking about the mind a lot lately , what I call the monkey mind, the conditioned mind , thoughts , thinking , self talk , inner chatter and so on , and the reason is because it represents our biggest challenge in our re awakening into the present moment , in that context the conditioned mind is our worst enemy , more so than any conspiracy minded outer threats.

In fact , I would suggest the conditioned mind, the ego is the reason for conspiracies , it is the reason for corruption , the reason for greed, the reason for the need to control , the creator of Hitler , the creator of the Military Industrial Complex, the creation of the police state , all of the control grid mechanisms in other words , are all  created , fabricated , manifested out of the fear based persepctive of the conditioned mind, this is where all of this crap is coming from , of which all of the garbage of humanity , the accumulated negative energies manifest within the “co created ” collective reality.

Yes … the co created reality on this planet right now is a largely an unconscious creation , its on auto pilot , humanity lives in the future or the past, very few humans are truly present , they are asleep at the wheel , the world around them seems to pop up out of no where , they are not conscious of their part in creation , in this state , awareness is completely identified with life situations , while life , existence itself … is rarely experienced .
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The inner conversation , the inner dialogue that is constantly going on inside our heads is a good indicator of what will be manifesting in our own personal reality sphere , remember that as you go about your day .

So many people do not realize that this inner voice is ,  in a sense a self perpetuating feedback loop, of course it is , reality is a mega holographic feedback loop , so keep this in mind , pun intended , becasue it will make all of the difference in the world as to what happens , in your world !

Of course the same is true about your outer conversation as well , but your outer conversation is simply a reflection of the inner dialogue , ” everything” in what we call the outer world is a reflection of what is going on inwardly, there is no place to hide, and no way to fool yourself.

So, while it always good to watch what you are saying to others, it is much more important to be aware of what your saying to yourself , what your thoughts are , becasue your thoughts , your inner dialogue is representative of what you are telling your self is true , it’s what you believe , and even though you may be able to lie to try and fool others , it does you no good if you believe something totally different inwardly.

That inner belief is what will become the template for your experiences , what will be mirrored by universe. I know this can be challenging , especially in challenging times, times in your life where this a lot of adversity and change , and you don’t know what is going to happen and you don’t know what to do.
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I  Exist ! This is our primary “State of Being”. Everything outside of this State of Being , exists within us. There is no out there.

Have you ever been sitting there on a beautiful day , watching nature , or just enjoying the moment , and you have this incredible feeling , and appreciation that , you exist in a universe so vast that  your  “mind” cannot comprehend , it cannot take it all in.

So you let go and feel it with your heart and as this feeling radiates throughout your whole being , you know that you “Exist.

You have no idea how , you have no idea where existence came from or first tarted , yet here we are , Wow !  We exist !

As you go about your daily routine, as you interact with other individuals, remember this , know, that no matter what the circumstances , you exist outside of those circumstances. Circumstances Don’t Matter !

Live in the moment , the moment is our highest state of power, the moment is where we truly exist. Time and space , past and future these are all attributes of existence, “They” exist within , existence , they are subject to existence, they are subject to us , we are existence, we are the personification of universe , of all that is.

There is “nothing” beyond us , there is “nothing” outside of us , we are infinite , multi dimensional , co creative , fractals of all that is , holographic in nature, as above so below.

Live each day in  appreciation  of your existence, knowing  you are fully supported and loved by the same force that is Existence !

I am , What is , I am that I am , I need no reason , I need no rationale , I need no explanation , existence is my natural state , I cannot , not exist, existence only has one quality , To Exist !

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As we expand , as we re awaken ,  being in the moment , being present , is the greatest tool we have for empowering ourselves. 

It is quite a challenge at times to maintain this “State Of Being”  and all of us struggle from moment to moment to do so.

We are constantly being pulled out of the now moment by a stream of thought patterns that the mind,  the ego seems to have in abundance as it constantly tries to figure out what to “Do ” next.

And this is perhaps why universe has given us so many challenges over the last few years, so much adversity.

When we are challenged we tend not to worry about the future or the past, the task of surviving financially , and emotionally is enough to keep us focused in the now moment lately.

It seems we are so busy now , that time itself is speeding up , hours, days , weeks months , years all flying by like a blur. As we become more multi Dimensional in our state of being, our thinking , being in the moment has actually become easier, as if the universe has given us just what the doctor ordered.

So all the adversity can be considered a blessing , it has helped to awaken us , startle us from our deep sleep we have been in for most of our lives, we are now awakening to the moment.

In this “Now Moment ” we can let go of the past , and not worry about the future, we can bask in knowing that we are the personification of universe , a universe that is infinite in abundance .

We don’t have to know what we will be doing in 10 years, 5 years, or even next week , we can rest in the peace of  knowing higher self will guide us through the challenges ahead, and by allowing the heart to lead the way , we can manifest our highest joys.

When you catch yourself during the day , running the program that takes you into yesterday and what you should have done, or trying to figure out what you should do tomorrow , watch how you feel , you will see a noticeable drop in vibration, you tend to feel less joyful and appreciative.

When you feel this its OK , its an opportunity to see the contrast between  being in the moment , and being in the mind , one vibration is limitation and fearful, the other is unlimited and empowering.

This is how you can sense where you are and learn to make adjustments so that you can spend more time in the moment, our most empowered , creative state of being.

Like the saying goes, There is No Time , like the Present, because in the present there is no time.

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Living in the Moment is perhaps one of the most important lessons of the Apocalypse .  With all the fear being generated about the Economy and Wars and Natural Disasters its easy to get caught up in the drama to the extent that you become a prisoner of  the future.

In this environment it becomes difficult to enjoy your life because you are worried that you may loose your job if you still have one, or that you wont be able to feed and house yourself. Or you may have money and live in fear of loosing it becasue of the global economic meltdown.

This fear based paradigm we live in is the social engineer’s masterpiece of madness and its running at full steam right now to the point many people are actually starting to learn to live in the moment out of survival. You see how universe uses everything.

When we have no idea what will happen tomorrow, when things are completely out of control and we fear the future , then we see the value of living in the moment , this is our gift from the Apocalypse .

In this way the Apocalypse is showing us the folly of Linear Time , or the false reality of a Continuous Flow of Time .

Of course this paradigm , this belief in a Continuous Flow of Time is perpetuated  here in this reality which makes it easy to manipulate us , so  we are constantly having to plan for future events , while missing the only “Real Event”  , the moment.

One could argue that these seemingly disastrous events are just what the doctor ordered to wake us up , out of our stupor of working and career building and buying houses and sending kids to college so we can all have a good “Future”.

It’s what we have been taught our whole life by society so our love affair with the future is a hard habit to break and seems downright dangerous when you consider all the planning that goes on just to survive each day.

Consider this , living in the future or the past is completely imaginary, not saying its good or bad , I’m just saying that in the moment is where our power comes from.  If we take anything from the Apocalypse , it should be to live in the moment , with your loved ones , and that which you love and live in appreciation for this wondrous experience we are having as universe personified.

Don’t let the false reality of the future rob you of your joy. It is a hard habit to break , but it seems universe is giving us a kick start, whether we want it or not .

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