So what has changed “post” Occupy Wall Street , or what we can now call Occupied Wall Street. Anything ?

Is there a greater awareness as to how the world works , and who is actually pulling the strings. Perhaps

Although as David Icke walks through Zuccotti Park the day after the Storm troopers raided the place it looks like game over to me. It appears the OWS  program is being deleted from the main frame.

Was it just another program , lets see , the brains over at “the agency” said , “you know there are a lot of people who are awakening to the fact that the real power centers of the planet are the financial districts, so we need to create another movement so the masses can vent some of this anger”, a release valve if you will.

Once enough pressure is released we will shut it down and it will be business as usual.  This is sort of my take on how the system , the OS, or operating system we are currently indoctrinated into, uses various programs to maintain the status quo, or to continue the computer analogy , keep the operating system free of viruses.

The viruses of course are ideas, ideas that can free humanity from the shackles of this virtual reality, think “The Matrix“.

As David Icke walks through the park talking to the various protesters , even they will admit that a large portion of the protesters were clueless about the “Big Picture“. And without the big picture most people are simply being gamed by the program.

In fact those participating in these supposedly “Grass Roots” events allows the system to actually manipulate many of them into protesting for the changes that the system actually wants, its pure genius what comes out of these think tanks, they are masters at manipulating the human mind.

So now, here were are , early January 2012,  and all seems quiet , perhaps the weather has pushed many protesters inside or scattered them , many who were simply homeless to begin with are finding refuge elsewhere ready to re-emerge once the weather gets warmer.

And so the game plays on , the wars , the corruption , the politics , the deceptions and while many of us have awakened to the big picture, has it had “any ” real effect in the outer world.

Well maybe , perhaps , somewhat , I don’t know . And I’m OK with that , becasue I’m not looking for change in the outer world anymore. I have moved on from that exercise in futility.

In fact the world “not” changing is giving me an incredible opportunity to gauge whether I am changing, And I am , I feel different , I feel more positive even though there is only more uncertainty than ever in the world “Out there”.

So this is proof I am growing in awareness,  that I know longer view physicality as “my life” or what “I am”.  I see it now as simply a type of experience , a wondrous experience that “I” a fractal of all that is , or “Infinite Consciousness ” has chosen to be part of , to experience so that I can learn certain things about myself and creation.

Its not good or bad right or wrong, its all of those things. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t protest and make their stand , quite the contrary really , each of us are simply playing a part in this cosmic drama , each of us, as fractals of “all that is” , are participating in the ways we have chosen.

All I am saying , and the point David Icke is making in the video below , is that there is a theme being played out here on planet earth. And we can call the theme From Darkness to Light.

So if we want to be successful in this awakening , this over coming of the darkness, we need to have the big picture , its the only way we will find our way out of the rabbit hole, the maze, so to speak.

The Great Revealing seems to be intensifying as people are starting to realize that the real power and control mechanisms on this planet can easily be identified, just follow the Money !

And when you follow the money you end up at the door step of the Federal Reserve, a private banking cartel that was re established in the United States in 1913.

This was the real reason we fought the first American revolution ,to get away from the “banksters” , Thomas Jefferson clearly stated this as well as many of the other founding fathers.

Perhaps the sleeping masses are finally awakening to the reality that the puppets in the “District of Corruption” are just that, puppets, and for the most part have no real power in determining the path of our nation.

So why bother going to Washington D.C. the power centers are New York , London where the money is.

Americans  are finally seeing beyond the illusion of the false left right paradigm that is modern politics, its nothing more than theater to entertain the sheeple.

While the real decisions are being made behind closed doors at Bilderberg meetings and the offices of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

Occupy Wall Street is evidence that the collective consciousness may be  reaching a saturation point and is now shining a blinding light on the Corporatocracy that is running this country and the planet for that matter.

Its refreshing to see the awakening in progress , I just hope that it doesn’t get co opted by politics like the tea party and most of the other “seemingly organic” activist movements on this planet.

The infinite growth paradigm is dead. The monetary system has been corrupted to the point of lunacy.

Occupy Wall Street may be the first visual signs of the second American Revolution. We are the last bastion of freedom on this planet .

This is a revolution that will be fought with video cameras and IPhones.  Already we see images of police beating people with billy clubs, images captured and uploaded to you tube for all the world to see.

This is the age of transparency, the great unveiling, this is the Apocalypse !

The Corporate media is saying that the protestors don’t have a unified voice , and to that I say ” Excellent”  all the better , becasue this is not about one single issue .

This is about Wall Street greed and corruption, this is about a military industrial complex run a muck, this is about an illegal private banking oligarchy and there fractional reserve banking fraud, this is about energy technology being buried so that those with the oil can remain in power, this is about control…over humanity !

This is about all the issues that have been created to enslave humanity.  When the corporations have more rights than a human being we know we have strayed far from the garden.

This is Wall Street versus Main Street.     This   is   “The Corporation”   versus   the  Sovereign Human Being.

Here is a well educated protestor who  is “AWAKE” , listen to his impassioned cry , like many of  us he has awakened to the madness we call modern society, we are finally seeing things for what they are. I’m not saying all of society is bad , I’m simply saying the Apocalypse is unveiling the disease within. Its time we cut it out , it may be painful , but “We Will Heal” and be better for it.

If you want to get a real dose of reality about Wall Street let George Carlin fill you in , Oh George you were a genius !


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