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Apocalypse Earth

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The 3 States.

Primary: Consciousness / Deep Sleep
Secondary: Mind / Dream State
Tertiary: Matter / Waking State

As usual western society has things backwards.
Western Society would have you believe that the Waking State/ Matter is the most “Real” in terms of experiential realities.

Of course they are all real experientially , however consciousness is Primary, everything is within and derives its existence from Infinite consciousness, the only true substance, if we can call it that.

It is important to the expansion of your consciousness to begin to embrace this order of things as it will have a tremendous impact on your daily experiences.

It will completely rewire physical mind and allow better communication between physical mind and higher self which means more joy , more abundance, more synchronicity.

And most importantly you won’t take yourself or life so ..seriously!

Playing the part of being human is a dance , a performance art. And after the show, after the story ends you start a new show , a new story, this is what infinite consciousness does for entertainment , growth , expansion and for play !

You don’t work a piano , you play a piano. You don’t listen to music with the only goal being to get to the end.

So don’t live your life that way! Play, Dance and enjoy the experience, because it’s infinite so you might as well enjoy it, or not …it’s up to you!

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When you look at the Outer World also known as society what you are seeing is a reflection of the collective consciousness.

For many of us much of the outer world seems nonsensical at this time.

The reason… is that much of the population is focused on changing “The World” instead of changing themselves.

They are eager to impose there beliefs and definition on others for reasons of control , out of fear or simple ignorance of their own true nature…infinite consciousness playing the role of being human

Everything starts inwardly and manifests outwardly , in other words , everything is happening within consciousness, there really is no “Outer World” empirically.

So “knowing” this… the best course of action is to change yourself !

Be the change you want to see in the world as they say and you will begin to see the reflection of those changes in your personal and collective experiences.

Your personal reality tends to react more quickly to these inward changes. The “Outer World ” seems to change a bit more slowly, however if you look closely you will start to see changes in society that are more reflective of the changes that are occurring within you.

Right now the reason that much of the world seems nonsensical is that the collective we are still participating in is still very diversified, still evolving, still forming a new consensus reality along side the old one.

However as you hold the vibration of your preferred state of being along with definitions and beliefs that serve you and others out of unconditional love, you will shift to a version of earth , a version of reality that is more and more in alignment with your core vibration.

This is pure physics , the structure of existence , the way it works.

The only revolution of consciousness that will have any real effect on your experiences is the one happening within you !

Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !

hold the vibration


Hold the vibration , hold the vibration … of your highest joy and excitement and “everything” else will take care of itself.

When you hold that vibration … the world around you , the universe around you , what we call physical reality , what we call  non physical reality , or “Anything” we can experience as the witnessing presence , as a fractal of all that is … “must” manifest accordingly , it HAS NO CHOICE !

Even main stream science with it’s quantum physics now acknowledges that  “Matter” is just a by product of consciousness , it is subject to consciousness, think double slit experiment.

Consciousness truly is the only substance in the universe , of course it depends on your definitions ,as everything does, and my definition of consciousness is the source, presence, all that is , the one and so on , all of these pretty much useless words that we have of describing something that has no definition , that cannot be defined …  but we try …what else we gonna do for …eternity !

Reality is simply consciousness acting on it self !  We are holograms within holograms within ….dreams within dreams , we are literally dream material , and here is where the magic comes in , here is where the masters, shamans ,wizards, elite , and lovers of the esoteric all gain ground over the still unconscious masses.
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The Holistic Human is essentially the by product of our becoming aware of who and what we are .  As we expand our consciousness , outward in a spherical bubble , we take in more of creation , more of the universe , more of the unified filed , until at some point we “KNOW’ that everything is inside of us , within our consciousness, this is the perspective of the Holistic Human Being !

Below are Five Aspects of the Holistic Human , five is the number of humanity !

The Holistic Human knows there is no separating them from the environment: No matter where you find yourself, no matter what you are doing , the only thing empirically real , is you experience of it , everything else is simply a prop , a backdrop for you to utilize , even beliefs are just tools so that you can actually have an experience , the beliefs , the back drops , the props , end even the experiences themselves are all within you , they are the reflection of your current vibration , your core resonance.

The Holistic Human  Knows all beings , all consciousnesses are part of the same ” One Being” :  There is really only one ” Being ” , one consciousness , it has purposefully fractured itself , think shards of a fractured mirror. And each of these shards is a unique reflection back to the one being , from infinite perspectives in infinite combinations , and yet paradoxically , each shard is the “The One Being  ” , has within it , all of the characteristics and inherit powers and abilities of the One Being , and yet , will always retain it’s individuality , and see it self as the One Being .
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As we move forward in this Apocalypse , many of the Doom and Gloomers , those addicted to fear porn are asking … where is the “predicted” Economic Collapse, Cataclysmic Earth Changes , World War III, the Alien Invasion and on and on the monkey mind wanders.

Well … in some ways those things are happening …albeit not to the severity or in the “way”  that many “Predicted”.

This is the problem with predicting the future  , we can’t predict how accurate any given prediction will be , and from a greater perspective it is an exercise in  futility .

In these uncertain times , these times of incredible growth and expansion many people fear change , so in an attempt to alleviate the fear of the unknown , all manner of predictions and false profits come on to the scene to fill the needs of the masses desire to make sense of what is happening around them.

The prophecies range from the end of the world and collapse of society to a new golden age and the ascension of mankind into a new vibrational state , a new dimension, and everything in between.
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The Apocalypse is providing us , as “Human” beings , the opportunity to integrate the physical and the non physical.

The physical is of course the construct we call the “human” animal.  And the non physical is “Being” ,  or source consciousness , playing the part of being human.

This integration process is speeding up dramatically as we move forward into areas of the universe that are more highly charged energetically , everything is increasing in vibration.

Awakening is really just becoming more of who we are, realizing that our human body is a construct , a vehicle with which to experience physicality.

So the Integration or Awakening  process,  is “Not” about trying to rid ourselves of physical existence , or to try and avoid this experience as if it is a lesser or less worthy type of experience.
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The message , whats is the message , I am getting !  Stay Present! Stay Present! Stay Present!   When asked recently what is the most important thing I have learned to date , during my personal and collective awakening process ,  the answer…Stay Present!

If asked that question a couple years ago  I might have talked about , esoteric things, how the world really works ,secrete societies, the false left right political system, the Archons, Extraterrestrial or multidimensional beings, belief systems , crop circles, and on and on , the wilderness of materialism , the world of form is an endless diversion from …presence.

Within this present moment we are all experiencing what it is to be a human being. We are all trying to figure it out , what that means , what are human beings, why are we hear , what is our purpose.

There is a seemingly infinite amount of data on the subject, going back thousands of years , and yet all of that data, all of that information , all of that knowledge is from our individual and collective experiences, which are all rooted in the past.

And yet all that we have is the present moment !  And in the present moment we let all of that baggage rob us… of …the present moment !
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Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !