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Apocalypse Earth

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I love how we come across voices at just the right moment, to help get us to another level of awakening, to fill in another part of the puzzle , to give us another boost just when we need it.

Well … I would like to introduce you to Penney Peirce, if your already familiar with her work then good for you , if not then your in for a treat !

There is so much resonance in her message , what she calls ” Spherical Holographic Perception ” , it’s a powerful way to visualize the expansion of consciousness and is part of her overall perspective on what she calls the ” Geometry of Perception ” .

The idea is that we are in a sense a ball or sphere of energy or consciousness , and we can expand or contract that ball as we choose , we can expand it to encompass our local reality , or we can encompass the entire universe , where at that point everything is essentially within our ball , or within us .

In other words we are Universe ! You cannot separate the creator from the creation .

The more expanded your ball of energy or “perception , the more unified you become, your thoughts are of a higher caliber , more loving , more unified, which of course makes sense , you are taking in more of the unified field.

Where Penney really starts to hit all cylinders is when she starts talking about how to deal with all the negativity on the planet , which is really a critical topic among those of us who are awakening to the madness that we call life on planet earth.
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When it comes to the topic of Free Energy Sterling Allan is someone who has spent years following the developments in this field and has collected valuable data to give us the pulse so to speak on this very important topic.

I have always said that until we have Free energy we will never be free, of course that statement leaves out a lot of detail that must be explored to interpret what I am saying, it’s not a black and white issue , of course nothing is.

I agree with Sterling’s persepctive as to why we don’t have these technologies in play right now ,essentially we don’t deserve them!

I know that’s not going to sit well with most of the awakened population out there , there is the popular opinion in the alternative community , that humanity is in a sense a victim of manipulation by an elite class that have thwarted any and all attempts of the release of technologies that would free us from explosion  based technologies like the internal combustion engine and fossil fuels.

Most people by now have heard the story of JP Morgan and his  destruction of Tesla’s reputation and his technologies that could have changed the course of history. The suppression of humanity freeing technology is the primary theme of the whole Free Energy conspiracy genre.
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One of the major paradigm shifts that needs to occur on this planet is new forms of energy and technologies that will allow us to wean ourselves off the dependency on fossil fuels,or(explosion based technology as some of us like to call it ) ,which is very destructive to the planet and creates a state of  scarcity , fear , resource wars,  and an Elite class who control and monopolize the whole show.

There have been many people over the last hundred years or so who have been on the cutting edge of new technologies that could free humanity from these energy kings , think Nikola Tesla and others , however there is a huge power based attached to these old technologies and when someone comes out with something new , they are summarily squashed into the ground and their discoveries and inventions are suppressed …never to see the light of day.

When corporations are making hundred of billions , trillions of dollars,  it does make  financial sense to spend billions squashing any and all competing technologies … profit and control is their god !

John Hutchison is part of this story , the battle between humanity and the control mechanism on the planet that seek to ..well control everything , especially technology that usurps the intrenched oil based economy that we currently have.
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There are many through out the awakening community who talk about ” The War On Consciousness ” .  If your new to this genre of research or just getting started on your journey down the rabbit hole , then Freeman is a good voice to listen to get your feet wet in this idea of a war , or a suppression of consciousness.

I doubt Freeman is his actual name , buts its all we have to work with and his name doesn’t really matter any way , it’s his message that’s important and the information that he is disseminating that is useful in understanding what the hell is really going on down here on planet earth ,  in physicality , the games that are being played and who the players are.

It turns out there a couple teams down here working with the esoteric knowledge , that is the Magicians and the Sorcerers . The Magicians are ” generally identified ” as trying to make things better , trying to use the esoteric  knowledge of the universe to better the experience , while the sorcerers are  manipulative , and are using the universal laws of nature to control and manipulate the sleeping masses for their own agenda, which is usually about power and control.

So again we have the two polarized  aspects of the same energy , the same over all consciousness at work here , black and white, good and evil , nothing new under the sun , however what differs over time is what form it takes , what it looks like and this is where you can learn a  lot from researchers like Freeman , who have spent years analyzing and peeling away the veil of secrecy behind the occult aspects of society.
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When your exploring the nature of nature , there is one voice that has influenced so many of us on this journey and that is David Bohm.

David is no longer with us in body , but his spirit and imagination live on in all of us as we explore our own personal  growth and expansion process.

He is regarded as one of the most influential theoretical physicist of our time , and often seen as ” unorthodox”  , which of course is why his voice holds so much resonance and  fascination for me personally as I love those that are unconventional , and not indoctrinated into the main stream consensus reality.

I came across his name when I was exploring the idea of the Holographic Universe and later started listening to some of his videos that are still available on you tube . One of the ways in which the idea that ” Everything is coming in to the present Moment ”  is the internet.
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When you start talking about the holographic universe , one of the voices that stands out from the chorus is Michael Talbot.

Although Michael is no longer with us , he left a body of work on the subject that is more relevant now , during this burgeoning  awakening period of  the 21st century, than it was perhaps during his lifetime.

As you explore the Nature of reality , the one thing that will keep popping up is the idea of the Holographic Universe , of course it is much more than an idea , it is an excellent way to illustrate how the universe works , the structure of existence , the architecture  so to speak.

The basic premise of the holographic model is that ” Every Part Contains The Whole ” , which of course makes sense , if in fact there is only “one thing ” , one particle , one consciousness , in all of existence or all that is !

Michael’s work also reflects the idea that creation and the creator are not separate , in fact everything under the holographic model of the universe points to there being essentially just one thing, which is why it resonates with so many of us who are more unified in our energy , in our consciousness.
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When it comes to the control mechanisms on this planet ”  Religion ” is at the top of the pyramid of control structures , which is why we need a voice like Joseph Atwill to take the time to break it down for us in byte size pieces so we can make the connections on our own , and see what resonates, and for that , thank you Jospeh !

There is a big stinking heap of lies that have been fabricated in this virtual reality we call physicality , perhaps  to make the game of life a bit more challenging  ,more interesting , and Religion is one of those lies , of course universe uses everything , nothing is black and white , and ” nothing ” is wasted !

For example with regards to this big lie , there are cases where those involved in Religion and Religious groups have done and are doing good things on this planet , out of genuine desire to help , and from love in their hearts for other people , however there is usually a line of truth through every big lie and that’s what makes it so powerful , and in this case the line of truth is the ” state of being ” that  Jesus actually represented , his vibration , his being ,  he never said “Follow” me , he said “Be” like me , which simply meant be self realized , be the infinite powerful co creative being that you are.
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