Excerpts From the Awakening Dream !

Below are excerpts from the notes I made the morning after my Awakening Dream.  That  experience which occurred in late 2008 , I now realize was the catalyst for all that has happened since, on my personal journey through the cosmos.

The experience felt like I woke up to the most conscious state I have experienced to date, I had total conscious control over the experience and was able to go back and forth between this so called “waking reality we call life “and this newly discovered state of being

When I brought myself back to the normal identity I am use to , it was like I had to make myself fall asleep again , and conversely when I went back to this upgraded state , it was literally like waking up , it’s about the only way I can explain it

I don’t know where I was or what’s going on right now, but the effect, it is having is very positive, I feel rejuvenated, amazed, love, compassion, hope, peace.

The first 30 – minutes to an hour after the experience I felt a bit detached as if coming down of a high, but in a good way.

It  started out in a very lucid dream scape , where I watching amazing things happen ….

I then started to wake up , and when I did I was full y conscious and awake , only I was in another reality or dimension , not this one , I was in a room that looked normal , with all the trappings of a bedroom and there was a woman there , and I told her , “I’m not actually awake am I “ and she said “ not like you think “

And immediately I was in another room like a nicely furnished living room, very large though with multiple rooms attached, it was quite beautiful

I realized I was totally conscious, I felt more awake and conscious that I have in my entire life , it was astounding , I looked around and realized I could project images on the walls of the room , images that would take up the whole wall , and some smaller , I open up several screens , like having multiple computer monitors except much larger , and by pointing my hands to each one I would ask questions, and in full vibrant living color images would start coming in , on all of them simultaneously.

The exact details of the information and the types of questions asked have left me for now, there was so much to try and bring back with into this limited state of awareness we call “waking Consciousness”

While this was going on I was able to move to different areas of this large multi room complex , rooms that would manifest as I walked into them….

in another  room was a wall with a full length reflective surface, I immediately moved toward it , excited to see what I would look like in this state of consciousness , I seemed to know I would have human form still and I really expected to see the face I have know my whole life , but what I saw gave me a rush so strong it affected my physical body , and created a dualistic feeling that spanned between both realities …..

My face was not my face , but a multi  face , a face that changed as you looked at it , into many different identities, young , old, dark eyes , blue eyes , it was like a constantly evolving face , it blew my mind to say the least, an image I still see now , many hours later so clearly ,not frightening at all but completely exciting ……

I then moved back to the main room again , I realized by simply thinking about it ,I could manifest anything I wanted , so my first request manifested into a lovely woman , and I instinctively wanted to be with her and when I moved closer it was absolutely amazing and she was a conscious entity …

… when I first open my eye in this new modified state of consciousness  I was looking very closely at things , and everything seemed to be alive with movement and beauty … I could see the Matrix

… I opened up a large image screen with the swoop of my hand , I thought , I am getting the hang of this , time to get serious , I had questions , so many questions ….

…I sat down on the floor and next to a couch , in this lovely very homey room, with dappled  indirect lighting , and an entity appeared be for me , a man , very gentle loving , humorous vibes …

I said hello to him , and I had this feeling of warmth , humility , excitement , I reached out and shook his hand , and I asked him what is your name , and he said “Steve” , I asked him , “are you my brother “ and as I asked him I looked directly into his face , and it was the same as when I looked into my face, it was a slowly changing set of faces…

The different faces were male, attractive and warm smiling, and his hand shake the same, I don’t recall an answer to my question

….I mentioned some of the fun I was having there and he asked did I want to try one of his favorites, I looked to the right of him and further back in the corner, a form started to manifest at first a bit blurred then clearer and then I could see that it was woman dark haired in a very sexy attire, very lovely….

….I moved toward her and we embraced and I could feel the intensity, so much that it spanned both realities, my instinct was to continue to its natural conclusion , but I was not able to , and in fact , trying to do so , made it  somewhat uncomfortable , to my physical body….

…I looked at her and she was very loving, she was amused and said something like “ we did not understand what sex really was “ , I have no insight as to that statement…

I was so exhilarated by all this, both of them ,   as we sat there in this place , I told them it was so amazing , I started thinking about what we call “waking reality “ that it seemed so dreamlike from this perspective , so un important , so limited so asleep , and she said, no , it’s just that is just a very small aspect of who we are …..

…. At that point I was just blissful , and simultaneously , I could sense  dryness in my throat, and I knew I had to get up , and I quietly let go and simply opened my eye , as if I had just closed them for a moment to and taken  breath….

…. I  sat up in my bed in physical reality with my mouth hanging open in absolutely, amazement, joy , of the blessing of this experience , I basked in the energy and feeling until I had to get up and tell my wife everything , to share …

… I found her in the living room , I asked her if I was really here , she said yes and that I was scaring her , I had this incredible feeling that I was dreaming , words will be useless here , but it felt like physical reality was now  the dream , I was now back into a very limited vibrational awareness ….

It took me about an hour to lose the feeling, but the impression still remains …

The only way to explain the feeling is that this is the dream from that perspective, that I got a taste of my higher self , consciousness

All I can say Is,  I am so ready for more ……..

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