Kymatica, a movie by Ben Stewart is absolute genius in my book, because it peels away at the deeper layers of the “Human Condition”. Once you start to awaken and you get an understanding of how the world works , you start to realize that Wars are not fought because nations and people just inherently hate each other , they are fought because those in power profit from the destruction that is created. War is a business for profit and a divide and conquer social engineering tool and nothing more.

Once you start to understand the Nature Of  Reality” and what we are as sentient beings , then the focus and anger moves away from the Bankers, The Government, The Corporations , the blame game as it were .  Once awakening begins you slowly move from these distractions which are all manifestations of a deeper problem a disharmony at the very core of human consciousness, a corruption of the human Psyche .

And then and only then ,   when each of us as individuals have gone through that process , does the real work begin , the shadow work that each of us must go through .  As  Ghandi said ” Be the Change you want to see in the world

Then the question that starts to get asked is why do we have these things in our collective society , why do we need leaders at all, why do we need governments , why do we need a “Big Daddy”.

Are we that afraid of  the responsibility of  being sovereign, of being in control of our own destiny that we would rather hand it off to someone else while we sleep in complete ignorance. These are the questions that the newly awakened sovereign begins to ask, and there is only one person to ask these questions , just look in the mirror .

Watch this movie and “Let The Unveiling Begin “.  “We are the “Evolution of Consciousness”  , “We are the Personification of Universe” ” There is No Out There”  ” There is no one out there to Blame”   “There will be the exact amount of tyranny in the world that we allow”

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