Here we will explore the illusions or more like the delusions that consciousness is something that resides in the brain.

This is what we are taught by our so called modern science books and the talking heads in academia.

But most of us with any sense of who and what we are know that this is not the case.

In fact I would say that this realization is one of the most important aspects of the Apocalypse , the revelation that we are so much more than that , so much more than our brains , our thoughts, our jobs , our names , these are just window dressing for something far greater than we could ever imagine.

Modern Science tells us that we are essentially the product of evolution , that we essentially came from pond scum and we have evolved to where we are now completely by chance.

This is the illusion we have all been taught. Well if you still believe any of that then you have a long way to go, but you have definitely come to the right place if your looking for options to this constructed illusion by the social engineers.

I will be bringing the voices here that will resonate with the deconstruction of this false paradigm, together we will shed light on the nature of consciousness, the only true substance of the universe.

Consciousness manipulates energy to create matter , we are co creative , multi dimensional conscious beings , we are the personification of universe . We are simply Beings playing the part of being human, hence the name Human Beings.

Notice human is the adjective ,there is no coincidence in our naming of things !

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