No one really knows what is “going” to happen , all we really know is “what is happening” right now this very moment.  As Gerald Celente is fond of saying “Current Events form Future Trends” .

And for the most part that is somewhat true . Although in this day and age its hard to use that formula , becasue they keep throwing these wild cards out there.

When I had my awakening experience in 2008 like many others did , I went through the same process as many have  of  stocking up on food and other necessities for the big collapse.

Here we are now its 2011 and still no collapse.  I do think all my precautions are very practical and I do feel better having supplies in case they are needed, and occasionally I do add to the inventory.

I have to admit a certain satisfaction in my hordes of food and supplies although I wonder if I will ever use them.  I don’t really want to have to use them , I don’t want there to be a collapse , unless that’s what it takes to get things to change , then I’m all for it , what ever it takes.

I just don’t see how anything is ever going to change on this planet until the old system dies and something new is born, surely we will need our stores during the transition period.

More and more Americans and people around the world are becoming what is now being referred to as “Preppers” a word that has only recently been coined and only just recently been turned into a growing stereotype. 

Anyone that is awake has likely been through his or her prepping phase, its just part of growing up. And this is a positive Part of the process,of taking greater responsibility for their own well being ,as opposed to being totally dependent on the government or others in the event of some sort of system failure.

The question is what are we preparing for , aside from natural or at least seemingly natural disasters , many of us are seriously preparing for a collapse of society, some of us almost hoping for it.

When it comes down to it the most important Preparation you can make is educating yourself , plain and simple. Even the average prepper only has supplies for 6 months to a year, what happens after that, no one knows.

And when I say educating yourself I am talking about figuring out “what” you are. Until we understand what we are we are all open to manipulation. So the Key to survival , the key to preparing is all about raising vibrational awareness, and cleaning your own house and getting a grasp on the nature of this reality we are in.

And in this reality fear is what needs to be cleaned out of our collective houses. So many people are living in fear these days, even those that are awake are in fear of , the Government, or the globalists , the ruling elite , earth changes, or some malevolent inter dimensional beings. Fear rules this paradigm.

Understanding that we are infinite consciousness, indestructible , co creative , multi dimensional , universe personified beings will make a good start towards living outside of polarity consciousness where fear finds fertile ground .

Understanding that this reality we are experiencing is not who or what you are , it is simply an experience you are having , that “we” are having for the purpose of expanding all that is, for growth and for the Cosmos to know itself.

Once you start to get to that place inwardly , worrying about how many bags of rice and beans you have stored is not the most important issue.

Because ultimately we are eternal and indestructible, and poverty is an illusion created by the social engineers as a form of manipulation and control over beings that are infinite , how and why they would do this is all part of the story.

Of course it is very practical from a “Physical Survival ” perspective to have food and supplies ,but as you grow in awareness you understand more and more that your physical existence is only a fraction of what you are as a multi dimensional being.

And this is very important to understand , becasue until you really understand what all of this is , this thing we call life , reality, you will be completely lost and manipulated like sheep.

Becoming your true authentic self is the best preparation and it doesn’t cost anything, except surrendering your beliefs on just about everything. Beliefs systems are just another trap. Another Form of limitation.

Perhaps believing that we need to prepare for some kind of social collapse or earth disaster is yet another trap.
Yet another “Fear Based Paradigm”.

Overall I think preparation on all levels , mind , body , soul is a positive part of the process of awakening , of the Apocalypse.

Preparing For Economic Collapse.

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