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Apocalypse Earth

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With all the talk of “World War Three” and of Nuclear War , it’s starting to feel like we are at a pivotal shift point in creating the next consensus reality.

Which path do you “prefer” , and how do we as individuals participate in helping to design , create , construct a new collective.

We are steering our way  , moment by moment , day by , towards the version of reality we prefer , the navigation system we use is our state of being , which is highly effected by our definitions and our beliefs , which is why it is vital to do the shadow work on yourself.

If   “You  Believe ”  that we are all creating this shared collective , or consensus reality , which “I” firmly “believe” that we are , then we are the “Conscious Creators” that are vital to paving the way in creating a new reality where war becomes obsolete , unnecessary , we no longer have anything to learn from it  , we have moved beyond it.

So each day make a “Conscious” effort to hold your state of being in a place of joy , abundance and unconditional love towards “everything ” and hold that vibration and while doing so , affirm that you “do not ” want to “exist” in a fear based paradigm ,  period !

As you hold that vibration , that state of being , you will be able to shift , frame by frame ,moment by moment  to more , resonate ,  versions of reality,  until the point , you will one day,  find yourself in a completely different version of earth,  where fear based paradigms like war and nuclear war cannot exist , they have no source energy from those in that collective , so they have no support , remember , “realities” are constructs that are created by the participating members .
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How we define “something” determines the type of experience we will have with it . One of the more practical things we can do to utilize what we learn during the awakening process is to understand that our definitions determine our experiences.

Change our definitions and we change our world , quite literally . There is a simple equation that you can keep in mind to help in monitoring your inner dialogue , your narrative , so that you can better work with higher self in navigating the Apocalypse.

Definitions  equal Experiences !  That’s it , I know it’s too simple , we must make it more complicated , it has to be more complicated , however it is that simple , it’s the way the universe works !

This is why one persons paradise is another persons hell.  Why one persons blessing is another persons nightmare. It’s all about definitions , how we choose as individuals to define things for ourselves, that’s it.

Lets talk about how we define death for example , since it perhaps one of the most primal of all things or experiences that can happen when we are immersed in this simulation we call physicality .
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Most people usually associate the word Apocalypse with some type of destruction, the collapse of society or other negative, fear based based connotations.

Religious doctrine seems to have it’s own definition of the Apocalypse as an event where good over comes evil, the End Times , the End of the World , where God wipes out humanity.

Our definitions of things impact greatly our experiences of them. Its our definitions , our beliefs that create the reality we experience.

If we are moving through a more highly charged section of space , along with the solar system, the galaxy , the universe, then knowing this can help us to steer , to navigate the Apocalypse, we can put ourselves in the drivers seat of this personal and collective experience.

So with that said,  lets start with the definition of Apocalypse, I say we stick with the Greek definition of Apocalypse , which is the Un Veiling , the uncovering , the revelation.
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Apokálypsis; “Lifting Of The Veil” or “Revelation”

It’s time to look behind the veil of illusion and start to see things as they are.

The Apocalypse is “Not” about the “End of the World” its about the end of the constructs that enslave us .
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