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Apocalypse Earth

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Well here we are on a version of earth , where it appears, the desert tortoise is worth killing other humans for.  Now don’t get me wrong , every living thing has a right to expression , and the desert tortoise never hurt anybody.

So why would the evil ranchers want to harm the desert tortoise , I mean come on every one knows what would happen if a cow accidentally stepped on a tortoise , it would be pandemonium , I guess… that or nothing would happen , no that’s not what it’s about, come…on !

I know …I know ….It’s because a few cows would eat all the vegetation on that 600,000 acres , and starve all of those tortoises out of existence , becasue there is so little open land in Nevada , just a few million acres ,  yeah that’s it , that’s what this is all about…right ?

No that can’t be it , it’s becasue the powerless that be really do love those little tortoises , they are so cute and cuddly !  Ok …enough , I think you can feel my sarcasm , anyway , so here we are …welcome to the show.

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Bankers jumping off buildings , and some even  committing  suicide with a … nail gun ?  Revolution in the Ukraine and other hotspots where the populace has nothing left to loose , more polar vortex , the great lakes freezing over as global warming really kicks in.

While these events might seem strange on other planets ,they are only the tip of the iceberg when one examines the recent events and happenings on this planet , and I’m sure most aware observers can agree… the level of novelty circa 2014  is increasing exponentially.

As we shift from one reality to the next , we catch glimpses in the news , both in main stream and alternative , we watch the behavior of  our loved ones and those around us,  and we can see the signs , that clue us in , that we are at the precipice and  some have decided its… Time To Jump !

Right now , as I see it , as we go along on our individual and collective journeys, you have two choices as an aware observer, you can either become completely jaded with no hope,  or , you can see the madness for what it is and accept that the human race is fundamentally dysfunctional and has been of thousands of years …are things getting better … hmmm, not sure about that.

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I woke up one day…and unemployment is at 37%  , Americans on Foods Stamps at 20 % , Pentagon launches blimps over District of Corruption, what blimps, really … it’s 2014 and all we have are blimps, I think I saw that movie , slow moving blimps watching everyone.

Record levels of snow in the Midwest and record drought on the west coast , the stock market plummeting.

A new reality TV show where spoiled rich kids in Hollywood go around spending money like it was water , politicians believing they are royalty , spending millions on vacations while the middle class flounders into oblivion.

More mall shootings, more school shootings, global warming causing coldest temperatures in a century, retail stores like Sears and JC Penny are looking to close more store as they hemorrhage cash at unprecedented rates , they are calling it a tsunami of retail destruction , but the economy is improving…what !
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I know … you can’t make this stuff up , the global warming scientist are stuck in the ice , how the hell did they let that happen , well I think we can put the whole global warming farce to bed finally …here we are post climategate , clearly things are not what they seem , how about we just call it Global Extreme Weather and leave it at that.

Everywhere around the world , rain , cold , snow , heat records are being broken , the Sun has gone on vacation , with little activity and nothing is “normal”  anymore , whatever that was.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had no rain, only cold frigid weather for months now , the old timers have never seen anything like it,   in fact the entire western part of the united states has been under the effect of a large high pressure system that just won’t go away , which has effected the normal flow of moisture , the results… we are too dry and  too cold!

Then of course comes the Polar Vortex that is hitting the upper half of the country right now ,sending temperatures plummeting, and blanketing a large portion of the country in snow and ice .

Videos and images are coming in from all around the country reminiscent of the  “The Day After Tomorrow”   , where a giant super vortex storm pulls air down from the upper atmosphere and flash freezes everything in site , not making any predictions here but the extreme weather seems to be on the rise.
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When we talk about the collapse of  old systems and corrupted dynasties falling to the wayside this is not exaclty what I had in mind, I was hoping perhaps for something a little more meaningful than the demise of yet another reality show.

Yet here we are , The whole world seems focused on a Duck Hunting show and what the people in this duck hunting show said about others… who I’m sure have never been duck hunting in their life …so why does any body care!

Honestly… I have no idea , I need to check my coordinates, I think I may have ended up on the wrong planet , when I made that last shift,  things seemed a bit more rational , war was averted, forced health care was loosing steam , but then I end up here , in a world all up in arms about some guys with beards and trendy camo clothing !

As I look around the world today in this moment of the 3D matrix I  have found myself  in , I can only hope this is a brief transition period before my next shift, my next jump , becasue this is pure nonsense.

On the other hand , things aren’t so bad, we have averted war , the proposed  health scam system  seems to be on it’s death bed, the most powerful man in the world ( joke ) is going on vacation again so that’s good , less trouble we can get into.
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Well I think it may be safe to say that the plan to force human beings  to buy something they may not need or want is “Toast” .  Obamacare is tanking by the minute and the recent headlines from  Time Magazine , echo the message clearly  “Broken Promise” .

It seems ,  even the main steam news is forced to admit the obvious out of fear of being totally irrelevant.

Of course most of us pay no attention to the promises of politicians anyway , so no one is going to be surprised that  what politicians say and what they do are two very different things .

Personally I have zero energy invested in politics as I see it for what it is , an illusion of choice, and I pretty much ignore most of what is going on within that sphere of reality , however when it comes to being forced to buy something I don’t want , I don’t need  and I don’t believe in , then I take a stand .

From my perspective our bodies belong to us , what we do or don’t with them is up to us , nothing is more personal than my body. So I have always stated to myself inwardly , that I will not participate in any way,  in the” farce ”  known as Obamacare , I will not be part of it , there is no acceptable reality for me,  where I will be forced to by health insurance nor do I resonate with the idea of being penalized or  fined for not doing so.
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Well it looks like we have shifted a bit more , ObamaScare is getting delayed , which is a good sign , lets just keep pushing it further out until it  falls off the edge of the radar and lets be done with it .

No one wants it , it’s just another form of taxation!

And of course there is obviously not enough support at the template level in this collective for this newest of artificial control constructs to maintain integrity , it’s falling apart before it even gets started , and to that I say excellent !

Remember shifting is not about the world changing , it’s about you , us , changing and then shifting to an already existing version of a parallel reality that is more in resonance with your new beliefs , your new vibration.
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